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The influencing factors of the lithium battery capacity have

by:dcfpower     2020-10-10

lithium battery storage capacity, measurable storage capacity, is the biggest battery reasonable and effective in the lowest voltage category, can into and sent out the biggest power. Before carrying on the product, unit of storage capacity can be used to measure charge and discharge. As we use the battery more and long time, we will find the capacity of the battery will be less and less, more and more quickly without electricity, is this why? That today we take a look at what factors influencing the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

monomer storage capacity significantly affected by the degree of ageing, as everybody knows, storage capacity attenuation to a limit value is the battery replacement, thus both has the absolute correlation. Storage capacity, on the other hand, also received the influence of temperature, low temperature, active substances activity decline, can provide less ion, storage capacity inevitably accompanied by a decline. The possible causes of lithium ion battery storage capacity attenuation, including charging, fast charge, the electrolyte decomposition and self-discharge.

the influencing factors of lithium battery pack storage capacity one: charging, quick charge

due to the nature of the lithium is very lively, easy to react with the electrolyte electrolyte and consumption. Leading to reduce the discharge efficiency and the loss of storage capacity. Quick charge and current density is too large, the cathode serious polarization, lithium deposits will be more obvious. This situation is likely to occur in the positive active material relative to the cathode active material of excessive occasions. But, in the case of high charge rate, even if is the cathode active material of than normal, may also occur of metallic lithium deposits.

2: factors influencing the lithium battery storage capacity of the electrolyte decomposition

the oxidation of any solvent can make the electrolyte concentration increases, the electrolyte stability decline, will ultimately affect the storage capacity of the battery. Assuming that consumes a small part of the electrolyte, the time of each charge so need more electrolyte in the battery assembly. For constant container, it means that dress into a small amount of active material more, this will cause the loss of the original storage capacity.

the influencing factors of lithium battery storage capacity three: self-discharge

natural charge and discharge, is also slowly in the loss of storage capacity of the battery. Just consume the total number of small, good effect in general such as little strokes fell great oaks.

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