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The inner workings of smart batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-30
One person said at the battery conference that the battery is a wild animal and a domesticated artificial intelligence '. Domestication requires knowing the temperament of the battery.' Because a normal or clumsy battery cannot communicate. Weight, color and size may not necessarily reflect his state of charge and health. Users are very tolerant of batteries. They just charge the batteries, but they do not guarantee that they can achieve the expected working time. Most laptop batteries or batteries of similar devices are smartPeople are different. Some people simply add a chip that controls the charger with the correct charging algorithm to be smart. But the smart battery system forum stated that a smart battery must display the charging status. With a microchip installed, these batteries can communicate with the charger and notify the user of its status, such as displaying the charging status. The working principle of most smart batteries is the Coulomb counting method. This theory needs to be traced back to 250 years ago, when Charles-Augustin de Coulomb first established the Coulomb rule.'u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e Energy fuel meter. The stored energy is the state of charge. There are several types of smart batteries, each of which has different complexity and price. The most basic is that the battery has no additional devices except the chip. This chip only controls the charger in the correct charging algorithm. Browsing the smart battery forum, none of these batteries can become smart. So what makes a battery smart? SBS Forum said that a smart battery must provide SoC Show. In 1990, Benchmarq provided fuel gauge technology for the first time. Today, several manufacturers also provide single-bus and dual-bus IC chips, this is called the system management bus (SMBus) single-bus single-bus system The information is transmitted through one wire. But when you walk into it, you will find that the battery still works with three wires. The three wires are the data wires that also provide clock information, and the positive and negative poles of the battery. Line. For safety reasons, most battery manufacturers will also add an extra line to sense the temperature. u003cpu003eu003c/pu003eSingle bus system stores battery information, and you can read some of the battery such as voltage, current, temperature, and charging Status and other information. Due to the relatively low energy consumption of the relative hardware, the single bus system will be used in some less complicated and price-sensitive products, such as radios, digital cameras and some portable computer equipment. System management bus The system management bus represents the electronic industry's efforts to standardize a set of communication protocols and a set of data. The use of Durace/Intel smart batteries today was standardized in 1993. These batteries are composed of two separate lines , One to transmit data and one to provide clock information.u003cpu003eu003c/pu003eA system management bus battery contains permanent and temporary information. The manufacturer will program some permanent data into the battery, including the battery ID, Battery model, manufacturer’s name, and manufacturing series data. Temporary data is generated during application and together with calculation, user system and maintenance program assembly. Some data will be stored, others will be It will be updated with the life of the battery. Although smart batteries have the advantages of displaying battery status and recording usage information, they also have many shortcomings. The cost will increase by 25%, a complex charger is required, and regular calibration is required. Only the charging status can be read instead of the actual working time.u003c/pu003e
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