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The launch of Tattu Plus shows their battery capabilities

by:dcfpower     2021-03-29

As drones become more and more common to people. Aerial photography has become common in people's daily lives. At the same time, the battery requirements for drones have also changed.

The very common batteries that people use now are Tattu 10000mah, 16000mah, 22000mah, 30000mah. These batteries have large capacity and are widely accepted and used by people who like aerial photography and such companies! However, with the development of battery technology and market demand. Smart battery has become a new popular concept, it has become a real in production.

Geshi Ace keeps up with the pace of time. Tattu Plus 2.0 is the latest upgraded version of the drone battery. It has a built-in BMS, which makes the battery more than just a battery.

With this battery management system, Tattu batteries can provide better performance and cycle life. Judging from the latest news, Tattu Plus has this battery management system and is equipped with indicator lights. Many functions will be implemented and easy to learn how to use.

Three functions make Tattu Plus different from other batteries.

1. One-button control:

Using the button next to the indicator light, you only need to press the button for 2 or 3 seconds to know the battery status status.

2. Reminder function:

When you are over or under voltage, the indicator light will flash to remind you to charge or discharge. More importantly, a very considerate function is the temperature alarm. That is to say, once the battery is used in extreme temperature, too high or too low temperature, the indicator light will flash to remind you to use it or store it. what do you think about this?

If there is a short circuit between the batteries, according to the battery can not be found. The indicator will also give you this reminder.

3. Self-discharge:

You can understand this. The storage of batteries is a big deal for most users.

So, how to store the battery is a suitable way? With the self-balancing function, you don't need to worry about battery storage. It will self-balance the battery and voltage until the best storage state. Since you started self-discharging, you want to store the battery when it is fully charged.

In fact, at this time, Tattu Plus, more importantly, not only the battery, but the battery life of the smart battery! The battery management system for drone batteries will become the future trend. It should be a new generation drone battery. This time, Grignard Ace decided to take a step ahead and make Grignard Smart Battery the development direction of all drone batteries. I believe that one day in the near future, you will see that every drone battery has a smart battery developed by Shenzhen Battery Company and provides customized battery solutions.

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