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The lithium battery industry structure adjustment electric development | industry information

by:dcfpower     2020-10-06

the latest data show that global lithium battery market size is 87 billion yuan, in 2010 China's lithium battery market size is 25 billion yuan. Champ consulting electronics industry analysts say Japan affected by the earthquake, the lithium battery market in 2011 with China transfer speed, and overhaul of lead-acid battery industry, expects China's battery industry structure will be adjusted, the lithium battery industry usher in new opportunities.

May 18 'about strengthening lead battery and the regenerated lead industry pollution prevention work notice, lead-acid battery industry started large-scale rectification, cause a large lead-acid battery industry reshuffle, many domestic enterprises are forced to transition. The latest statistics show that domestic lead-acid battery enterprises there are about 2000 or so, the goal of the reorganization of the 300 is the last. This suggests that the lead-acid battery industry reshuffle at the same time, also provide new opportunities for the development of lithium battery.

analysts pointed out that the future lithium battery industry development has three advantages: first, the influence of the Japanese earthquake in Japan lithium battery production decline, orders, which makes the lithium battery pack enterprises in our country, an increase in orders Second, starting from May 2011 copies, rectification efforts of lead-acid battery industry in our country, this has prompted low-speed electric cars, such as a large number of downstream products scrapped lead-acid batteries in with lithium batteries, which greatly increased the market demand of lithium-ion batteries; Third, the country's good policy. Miit will be issued for fuel-efficient cars and new energy planning file, refining the subsidies, downstream of the new energy automotive industry is affected by industrial policy will accelerate the industrialization, the requirement of the lithium battery will increase.

all in all, although there are many famous lead-acid battery production enterprises, but because of the inventory, the influence of various factors such as different industries, the lithium battery in the next period of time may be in the field of power battery sales surge, 8-2011 Around September or growth, broad prospects for lithium battery industry in the future.

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