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The lithium battery manufacturers of medical equipment, medical apparatus and instruments of lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-25

medical instrument most basic is the use of polymer lithium-ion batteries battery, of course there are still many also use nimh batteries. This is because the polymer battery with excellent product quality, performance outstanding, the characteristics of high security. Medical electronic equipment of switch power supply, use lithium-ion batteries do more for the portable devices. Medical instrument standard lithium-ion batteries will require this is because the specific equipment used vary, manufacture of medical apparatus and instruments lithium battery pack this depends on the needs of customers, good today, let's take a look at the lithium battery manufacturers of medical equipment, medical apparatus and instruments of lithium batteries.

medical instrument lithium battery manufacturer

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technology was founded in 2001, specializing in the production of lithium battery pack research and development 18650, production of nickel metal hydride batteries are industry leaders, the company has independent research and development center ( Contains a chemical research and development institutions, electrochemical mechanism, safety in production department, the department of materials research and development, and so on a series of perfect) And also, damage the microelectronics research institute of Harbin institute of electronics industry, guangdong petroleum institute and other established in long production-study-research cooperation. At present, the company has two production bases in shenzhen and were. In shenzhen, but very large lithium-ion battery manufacturers, as well as the ternary lithium batteries, and 18650 lithium battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery manufacturers. Total more than one thousand employees now is still in a lot of scientific talent recruitment. The core management staff and battery technology research and development are more than 20 years of industry experience. First owns workshop 40000 square meters. Every day the production capacity of nickel metal hydride batteries can reach 400000, 18650, 300000 AH lithium-ion batteries.

focus of the industry including the GPS tracker, personal care, consumer digital batteries, hand-held portable electronic equipment, medical equipment, electric tools, ETC, the battery, intelligent bluetooth headset speakers, ETC. , ETC. High and low temperature nickel metal hydride batteries, high and low temperature lithium battery is special products. Nimh batteries 3% global market share, the domestic top 5.

in the production of medical equipment lithium battery completely according to the national standard

1, weight impact; ( 是- - - - - - 5066 battery weight impact tester) Batteries placed on a parallel surface, and will be a p15. 8mm? 。 2 mm steel beam is placed in the center of the battery, the horizontal axis parallel to the parallel surface of girder, weight 9. 1公斤吗? 。 1 kg weight from 610 mm? 5 mm height of free fall in steel beam above the center of the battery, check out observation of 6 h. Battery in accepting the impact test, its horizontal axis parallel to the parallel surface, vertical Yu Gangliang horizontal axis. Each cell can only accept an impact test;

2, thermal abuse; ( 是- - - - - - 101 - 2 a battery thermal shock environment chamber) Batteries placed in hot box, temperature in ( 5 soil) 2 ℃ / min and the heating rate rising to 130 ℃ & plusmn; 30 min 2 ℃ and heat preservation;

3, the battery; Battery to zero. 2 ita to discharge voltage, and then place the battery in the fume hood, connect the battery is negative and the power, adjust current to 3 ita, when the battery voltage shall be prescribed by the manufacturer, but not less than 4. After reaching the highest 6 v, until the battery voltage. Either can fully meet the following two cases end: A. Battery for battery charging time to 7 h; B。 Battery temperature down to about 20% lower than the peak.

medical instrument lithium batteries advantages:

1, good safety factor, medical equipment batteries use is the most soft package for aluminium lithium batteries, is different from liquid metal shell of the battery, if produce safety accidents, easy explosion of liquid battery, battery will only at most gas drum and medical equipment.

2, soft package of wall thickness is small, lithium-ion batteries can be 0. 45 mm thin degree, at the same time to withstand a certain bent or distorted conditions of use and will not affect battery performance. Do 3 liquid lithium ion battery wall thickness. Technical bottleneck under 6 mm.

3, is relatively light in weight, medical equipment use soft package lithium-ion batteries, battery capacity of weight is the same specifications of the steel shell of lithium electric light 40%, a 20% aluminum battery light.

4, the appearance of soft package lithium batteries can be high-end custom, can according to customer's need to increase or reduce the cell wall thickness or change the shape, promote the use of medical equipment actually use function performance.

5, with the same size of steel battery shell, by contrast, lithium battery of high capacity 10 - soft bag 15%, relatively high aluminum battery 5 - 10%.

6, soft package lithium-ion batteries use fold chip processing craft manufacture, according to the special design, can greatly reduce the impedance of the battery, a substantial increase in the use of large current discharge performance battery. Soft package lithium-ion batteries on medical equipment widely used in outdoor ambulance defibrillation monitor, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor ecg monitor, palm, with a single guide all, etc.

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