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The lithium battery which brand is good, lithium battery and lead acid batteries which good

by:dcfpower     2020-12-05

with the passage of time the development of the electronic equipment smartphone, battery for battery life, body size and the provisions of the safety performance of green environmental protection requirements become more and more high, lithium battery products is gradually developed, widely used in the android mobile phone electronic products such as instruments and electric power equipment. Lithium batteries are divided into lithium battery and lithium ion battery, in either, should pay special attention to when buying watch battery design, volume, protection circuit, brands and other objective factors, so the lithium battery pack which brand good? Here we take a look at lithium battery which brand is good, lithium battery and lead acid battery which is ok.

the lithium battery which brand is good

shenzhen technology co. , LTD. ( Brand shorthand: EPT can also be called EPT battery)

technology was founded in 2001, specializes in r&d of the hydride and lithium-ion batteries, intelligence, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, and participate in the development of a number of national standard lithium battery pack industry. Figure e, power & reg; And EPT® A registered trademark of shenzhen science and technology co. , LTD. The company has independent research and development center ( Covers chemical, electrochemical, security, materials research and development) , and Harbin industrial university, Shanghai institute of microelectronics, guangdong institute of petroleum and other colleges and universities and research institutes, to establish production-study-research cooperation. Company general manager Mr Wang Shoujun alkaline battery for China standardization technology committee, was named shenzhen high-level professional and technical personnel.

at present, the company has shenzhen, meizhou owns two production bases. Is lithium ion battery manufacturers and nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery manufacturers. Specialized is engaged in the r&d, manufacture and sales of green environmental protection rechargeable batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer battery, 18650 lithium-ion batteries. Battery application range covers 3 c digital field, medical field, the field of intelligent robot, special batteries, electric vehicles and Marine batteries, etc. Factory passed the ISO9001, BSCI and wal-mart factory-examining, products have CE, UL, IEC62133, ROHS, REACH, UN38. 3, the BIS, KC, CQC certification. , of course, also can choose to many famous brands such as: 1. Ningde era of new energy technology co. , LTD. 2. BYD Company Limited3. Matsushita electric ( China) Co. , LTD. 4. Guoxuan High - Tech Co. , Ltd. 5. Lg chemical ( China) Investment co. , LTD. 6. Tianjin lishen battery joint-stock co. , LTD. 7. EVE Energy Co. , adopt Ltd8. China aviation industry group co. , LTD. 9. Fu can science and technology ( Ganzhou) Co. , LTD. 10. Shenzhen bak power co. , LTD.

lithium battery and lead acid batteries which good

1. light weight lead-acid battery has a large size

size: on body, it lithium battery light, whether it is to ride a bike or cargo handling is relatively more convenient; The lead-acid battery bigger. Lithium iron phosphate batteries can be large current discharge, appropriate more applicable to electric vehicles, electric bicycle, etc.

2。 Lead-acid battery service life is 2 years, and lithium battery is relatively relatively durable

life: lead-acid battery charging frequency in both in the appearance of four hundred times, short service life, for 2 years. Compared with lead acid battery and lithium batteries are much more durable, charging frequency can be higher than 500 times, service life for up to four to five years. Loss of lithium iron phosphate battery durability is stronger, slow, inflation is higher than one thousand times, and there is no memory, in life in 4 - For five years. No matter in what state of lithium iron phosphate battery, can use increases with the increasing charge, do not need to first put the recharging.

3。 price is relatively expensive, relatively market price according to the brand to order

market: lead-acid battery replacement market price is relatively cheap, on market now is in 500 yuan, in the warranty time is 1 year; And the same specifications of the lithium battery pack replacement in the market are lead-acid battery 2 to 3 times, the quality guarantee period is two years.

4。 Lead-acid battery volume is larger compared to the same size lithium battery

capacity: lead-acid battery capacity is opposite bigger, can be up to 20 in the Ann; cell volume is relatively small, there are only eight to ten. The same size in the volume of lithium-ion batteries is bigger than the lead-acid battery. The appearance of lead-acid battery capacity of 20 Ann; 8 - lithium battery volume 10 Ann

5. Lead-acid batteries contain harmful substance lithium and lithium battery materials ruling harmless

green environmental protection, green environmental protection point of view, the lead-acid battery manufacturing although has been edging towards environmental protection, but unreasonable use or recycling is still relatively easy to bring pollution to the environment. And the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries pay attention to the green environmental protection, is relatively mature in terms of recycling. Lithium materials without any poisonous and harmful substances, is considered by the world environmental protection environmental protection battery, the battery no matter in the manufacture and use, no pollution, be called on the research hot spot

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