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The Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers how to buy lithium batteries in the correct way

by:dcfpower     2021-03-31
Why is the mobile phone battery not used? It is likely that the manufacturer’s false standard battery capacity; why was it shocked during the charging process? It is likely that the insulation of the fake charger is not up to standard. Yesterday, when Li Shan, an engineer at the Quality Supervision Station of the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision (Quality and Technical Supervision) announced the results of a few mobile phone product spot checks, he reminded consumers to change the use of the mobile phone as much as possible while the mobile phone is charging. ~5 hours. Let’s take a look at the results of their survey on mobile phone batteries: this time there are 45 mobile phones tested, including international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc., and domestic brands such as Xiaomi, TCL, Lenovo, BBK, etc., and mobile phones with built-in batteries account for 35 units. Taiwan, retail battery mobile phones accounted for 10; mobile phones with self-contained batteries, 29 batches qualified, 6 batches of unqualified; retail battery mobile phones qualified 4 batches, 6 batches of unqualified, whether they are self-contained or retail, the reasons for their disqualification The battery capacity is not up to standard. According to the standards of the Quality Supervision Bureau, the discharge performance of the mobile phone battery should not be less than 5 hours. The unqualified batteries monitored this time are all less than 5 hours. Why is virtual capacity required? Battery life time and battery durability are very important indicators for evaluating a mobile phone. Buyers do not have professional equipment to test the battery, so they have no way of knowing the actual battery capacity. The manufacturer deliberately falsely reported a larger battery capacity. Publicity induces consumers to buy their products. Li Shan's analysis pointed out that smart phones consume much more power than functional phones, especially phones with small sizes, which have shorter standby time, but the quality of the original battery is high, which is relatively safer, but the price Relatively expensive; retail mobile phone batteries are more affordable than original batteries, but the quality is uneven. Once consumers buy batteries from some small manufacturers, their performance cannot be guaranteed. Not only is the use time shorter, but also for mobile phones. There is a certain amount of damage, and the ultimate damage is to the interests of consumers themselves. 'So how should consumers buy lithium batteries? u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e Li Shan reminded that when consumers buy electronic products such as mobile phones and charging accessories, they need to confirm that they have network access permission and CCC logo. Network access permission The logo has a blue or green mesh pattern, which is printed twice. Many forged network access permission signs are printed only once, and cannot show double shading. There is a clear text below the network access permission logo The forged network access permission signs are generally very vague. When checking the CCC mark, you can wipe the mark with your fingers, and the regular mark should not be wiped off. When purchasing spare batteries, consumers should choose products from regular manufacturers. The battery specifications should be consistent with The mobile phone specifications are the same, it is best to buy the original battery. When choosing mobile phone batteries, you should reduce the blind pursuit of large-capacity lithium batteries and try to choose mature products of regular brands. Li Shan finally reminded consumers again to buy chargers. Don’t be greedy for cheap. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the charger’s good feel and feel and not rough; pinch the charger shell with your fingers, and feel that the shell is thick and can’t move. Whether you are buying a mobile phone or charging accessories, you should try your best Go to a regular shopping mall to buy. Keep the purchase invoice and warranty card. If there is a problem in the future, it can be used as a proof of compensation from the merchant.u003c/pu003e
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