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The safety hazards of inferior batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-27
u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e In order to save production costs, many businesses in the industry produce low-quality lithium batteries, or many traders purchase B-product batteries from manufacturers, also known as counterfeit batteries, and consumers are greedy to buy counterfeit batteries at a low price. Battery safety Hidden dangers do not only exist in mobile phones. At present, all kinds of batteries have become the basic equipment of modern life. Mobile phones, laptops, and various portable devices are inseparable from batteries. If low-quality batteries are used or improperly used, these batteries will occur. The possibility of explosion. In the fierce market competition, most battery manufacturers use low-cost or even low-quality materials in order to pursue high profits. This is the main reason for the frequent explosions of mobile phone batteries. Due to the high density of lithium-ion batteries, they are In the state, the battery temperature rises and the energy is excessive, so the electrolyte decomposes to produce gas, the internal pressure of the battery rises sharply, and there is a danger of spontaneous combustion or explosion. More and more manufacturers are pursuing output instead of quality. In the fierce market competition and Driven by interests, most companies use low-cost liquid lithium batteries with relatively high safety risks. Some illegal vendors disregard the interests of consumers and use inferior batteries and protective plates, resulting in battery explosion accidents!u003c/p u003e
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