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The significance of the equalization treatment of lithium battery packs

by:dcfpower     2021-03-18

packs usually consist of one or several battery packs in parallel, and each battery pack consists of 3 to 4 batteries in series. This combination can simultaneously meet the voltage and power requirements of notebook computers, medical equipment, test instruments, and industrial applications. However, this commonly used configuration usually does not exert its maximum effect, because if the capacity of a series battery does not match other batteries, the capacity of the entire battery pack will be reduced.

The mismatch of battery capacity includes state of charge (SOC) mismatch and capacity/energy (C/E) mismatch. In both cases, the total capacity of the battery pack can only reach the capacity of the weakest battery.

In most cases, the cause of battery mismatch is imperfect process control and detection methods, rather than changes in the chemical properties of lithium ion itself. Lilon prismatic cells require stronger mechanical pressure during production, and differences are more likely to occur between batteries. In addition, lithium-ion polymer batteries will also have differences between batteries due to the use of new processes.

The use of battery equalization processing technology can solve the problem of SOC and C/E mismatch, thereby improving the performance of series-connected lithium battery pack packs. The battery mismatch problem can be corrected by balancing the battery during the initial adjustment process, and then only need to be balanced during the charging process, and the CE mismatch must be balanced during the charging and discharging processes. Although the defect rate of a battery manufacturer may be very low, in order to avoid the problem of too short battery life, we still need to provide further quality assurance.

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