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The ternary lithium battery and manganese acid lithium battery which good?

by:dcfpower     2020-12-01

in today's society developing ternary lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate batteries? In nowadays China new energy electric car industry on the mainland market, electric key raw materials for lithium battery technology and ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate the opinions and Suggestions thinks, in the field of new energy bus industry, ternary lithium batteries to pay special attention to high energy density, life ability is the core of nowadays development trend. While in the field of urban public transportation industry, should be firmly thermal conductivity higher, more to ensure that the safety coefficient of lithium iron phosphate. So the ternary lithium battery and manganese acid lithium battery which good? This one is from the raw materials in comparative analysis between them the processed into a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of battery after.

what is a ternary lithium battery

the ternary polymer lithium battery, lithium battery pack cathode material use nickel cobalt manganese acid ( Li( NiCoMn) O2) Three yuan battery cathode material of lithium battery. Ming-gao ouyang interpretation: tsinghua university, Beijing, according to the survey statistics modestly said & other; Three yuan & throughout; Raw materials, three yuan is refers to the positive, negative electrode is of high purity graphite is normally the & in the other Three yuan power lithium battery & throughout; 。 In the specific scientific research and development use, there is also a kind of positive electrode is three yuan, negative electrode for lithium titanate, generally known as & other Lithium titanate & throughout; , its performance index is relatively health and safety, service life is relatively long, relatively that do not belong to the normal & other The ternary material. ”

the ternary lithium battery has a great improvement on energy, relative to the and cobalt acid lithium battery, can better mobilize high volume effect, but look from the raw materials, three yuan choose nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium battery electrolyte, organic chemistry and has not been thoroughly solve the safety problem from the source, if the battery will cause short-circuit fault happening again appear over current is too large, at which cause safety accidents.

what is manganese acid lithium battery

feature is larger on the preparation, when fully charged, there is still a large quantities of lithium ion to the anode, in other words, the negative electrode in less than a large amount of adhesive on the anode of lithium ion, but in the case of overcharge, on the positive to the negative electrode of lithium ion will still be more activities, because can't completely carry back to the negative electrode generated on the metal lithium, pay special attention to the metal lithium is the sodium chloride crystal mesh structure, it is known as dendritic, dendrite if once generated, will soon issue a chance to prick the isolation membrane, the isolation membrane puncture will generate the internal short-circuit fault structure. Pay special attention to the main components of the battery electrolyte is carbonate, open flash point and melting point is lower, the higher temperature of combustion and explosion dismount. Control the production of lithium dendrite on relatively small storage capacity lithium battery is relatively easy, so cobalt acid lithium batteries now confined to handheld electronic products such as small storage battery, can not be used as a power lithium batteries.

the ternary lithium batteries

1. The ternary lithium battery energy density is high, the cycle performance index is better than normal cobalt acid lithium. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of the formula formula and structure improvement, nominal voltage of battery is 3. 7 v, on the storage has achieve or exceed cobalt acid lithium battery level.

2。 Ternary lithium battery service life is long, high energy density, large capacity can be use for a long time than conventional manganese acid lithium battery durable

3. Can be custom manufacturer, model storage can be on-demand manufacturing

4. Unit of electrical energy is relatively large, relatively this is the result of compared with manganese acid lithium battery

the ternary lithium battery defect

three yuan materials power lithium battery key aluminum nickel and cobalt acid lithium batteries, nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium battery, such as

1. Is mainly due to the high temperature of aluminum nickel and cobalt structure is not stable, the differential coefficient, high temperature and high pH make the monomer easily bilge gas, causing hidden trouble,

2. Your raw materials. Now cost is higher, the production of forming high cost

manganese acid lithium batteries

now on the market at present is relatively typical compared and cobalt acid lithium manganese acid lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries at least meet the following five advantages:

1. High safety coefficient,

2. Longer service life,

stable layered structure of raw materials, to reduce the impedance value, improve electrical conductivity, enhance service life and efficiency

3. Do not include other heavy metals and rare metals ( Low cost of raw material costs) ,

low temperature resistance, good rate performance index and relative preparation is relatively easy

4. For fast charging,

5. Wide operation temperature, stable under normal temperature conditions can use.

manganese acid lithium battery defect

1. Tap density and compaction density is low, the low energy density of the lithium ion battery,

2。 The preparation of raw materials cost and manufacturing cost is higher, battery cell yield is low, raw material itself is not stable, unity is poor; Enterprise product uniformity is poor;

3。 Cycle performance is poor, battery electric capacity attenuation coefficient, also do not have ultra high temperature resistant capacity

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