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The ternary lithium battery service life is long? Lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries which good?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-17

lithium battery life, often referred to as the battery in safe use, after a period of storage capacity reduced to seven hundred percent of the rating of storage capacity, life can be said to stop. Most of the industry to lithium battery pack full cycle frequency to measure the cycle life. Follow the provisions of the state, new energy electric vehicle power battery capacity dropped to below eight hundred percent of the new battery status, can be seen as the end of the power battery service life. Today we look at three yuan lithium battery service life is long? and lithium iron phosphate batteries which good? 。

the ternary lithium battery service life is long?

and follow the standard rules of batteries ternary lithium battery pack life is decided by the cycle frequency of the battery for, and the ternary lithium battery storage capacity will be accompanied by a continuous decline of charging and discharging frequency of ascend. In the laboratory, with 1 c of charge and discharge rate to ternary lithium battery pack charge and discharge, after one thousand times charging cycles, battery capacity reduced to eight hundred percent of the new battery status.

follow the current level of ternary lithium battery technology, new energy electric vehicles at the present stage for the safe use of common power density of battery capacity is 260 wh/kg, to follow the energy density measurement, to measure twenty thousand km a year, following a pale imitation put measure, cycle life of at least one thousand times. Safe if used properly, at least in new energy electric vehicles to the safe use of five to eight years.

the ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries which good?

the lithium iron phosphate batteries better conditions of product quality, first down enough to put the control in the range of 5%, the next year to one hundred and fifty percent range. Ternary lithium battery types, first damping in 7 - The next year in 20 - one hundred percent, the radio Two hundred and fifty percent. Granted, specific and safe use of load, safe use frequency, here is merely a description about.

than lead acid battery and lithium iron phosphate battery pack ternary lithium battery cycle life is long. The lead-acid battery & other Long life & throughout; But the appearance of three hundred times; Ternary lithium battery can reach two thousand times in theory, the appearance of the concrete application to one thousand storage capacity will decline to six hundred percent; The lithium iron phosphate battery real life is more than two thousand times, at the moment and nine hundred and fifty percent of the storage capacity, its core idea cycle life than more than three thousand times.

combined with a variety of elements, the lithium iron phosphate battery pack broadly described as the safe use of basic characteristics: size is relatively large, ultra-low temperature performance is bad, can in the life period of declining rate of relatively flat, most with the appearance of eight years is to be able to; But if the safe use of in the south. Lithium iron phosphate battery will last longer than eight years. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are better than the ternary lithium batteries.

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