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The ternary polymer battery and what is the difference between polymer lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-09-30

polymer lithium-ion batteries, compared with the ternary polymer lithium-ion batteries more advantages, such as: appearance shape can be reached relatively thin, the storage capacity of twenty-five percent higher than the lithium ion battery, weight is relatively light, often used in smart phones, old-fashioned radio players and other portable devices. Manganese batteries, lithium polymer battery, three yuan acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries are batteries internal structure effective component is different. According to the requirement to add organic compounds to change the battery part characteristics. Such as working voltage, resistance to heat. The ternary lithium battery and lithium polymer battery specific have what different place? We take a look at below.

lithium polymer batteries and the difference between the ternary lithium battery

from the use of raw materials to the difference between words, polymer lithium battery pack cathode material can be divided into the cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium materials and raw materials, lithium iron phosphate, ternary negative level for graphite material, the principle of operation using the same battery. Polymer lithium battery cathode material first distinction depends on the different electrolyte solution, liquid liquid electrolyte solution used for lithium ion batteries, polymer lithium ion battery with solid polymer electrolyte solution instead of, this kind of polymer can be dry, also can be a colloidal, most with polymer gel electrolyte solution at present stage.

the ternary polymer lithium battery pack cathode material use lithium cobalt nickel manganese acid lithium nickel or cobalt aluminate is three yuan positive electrode material of lithium battery, the ternary composite cathode material is nickel salt, manganese and cobalt salt salt as raw materials, in the proportion of nickel cobalt manganese can according to the concrete must be adjusted, the ternary material to do the positive battery compared with cobalt acid lithium battery safety performance is high, but the voltage is too low. Among them as the anode material of lithium iron phosphate battery charge and discharge cycle life is long, but its defect is power density, high and low temperature performance, charge and discharge rate characteristics are relatively large differences, and the cost is higher, the lithium iron phosphate battery technology and application has already been encounters the bottleneck of development; Manganese acid lithium battery normal cycle stability of the low power density, high temperature performance and storage performance is poor, so only as manganese acid lithium international 1 generation of the anode material of power lithium electricity; And diverse raw materials possessing comprehensive performance and cost of multiple competitive advantage increasingly concerned and recognized by the industry, gradually over and lithium manganese acid lithium iron phosphate become mainstream technology route.

the advantages of polymer lithium battery

1. Life is long, everything is all right to use its normal cycle life can reach more than five hundred times.

2。 No memory effect, not empty battery before charging, use convenient.

3。 Good safety performance: lithium-ion polymer battery structure type chooses aluminous model flexible packaging, batteries is different from liquid metal shell, once produced security risks, if liquid batteries very easily, and the polymer batteries will only at most gas drum.

the advantages of the ternary lithium battery pack

1. High normal cycles, more tend to be safe. Normal cycle number increases, the present stage increase cost appropriately, can reach more than 1500 times already, and the ternary material of lithium battery safety performance also continues to improve, more and more to be near the lithium iron phosphate. Nearly two years the emergence of new ternary material, aluminum nickel and cobalt in the process of the battery, higher requirements on environmental regulations, but its stable performance and safe performance further enhance

2. The ternary lithium battery voltage high power density, larger than the power density. The working voltage of the ternary material platform is significantly higher than the lithium iron phosphate, 4 contour can reach. 2.

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