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The ternary polymer lithium battery service life

by:dcfpower     2020-11-25

what is the ternary polymer lithium battery? In the surrounding environment, lithium is a chemical element in the periodic table is the lightest, the smallest metal atomic mass, its relative atomic mass is 6. 94g/mol,ρ=0. 53g/cm3。 Lithium chemistry and active oxygen, very easy to lose electrons are oxidation of Li +, so the most negative standard electrode potential, for - 3. 04 electrochemical equivalent minimum, 0. 26 g/Ah, such characteristics of lithium depends on it is a kind of raw materials that have high power density. Ternary polymer lithium battery refers to the three joint using nickel cobalt manganese metal oxide as lithium cobalt acid lithium secondary battery. It fully combined the cobalt acid lithium good cycle characteristics, high specific capacitance of nickel acid lithium and lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety coefficient and the features of low cost more, make full use of the molecular structure of horizontal stirring, mixing, coverage and skin highlight specific methods, such as nickel and cobalt, manganese and other elements embedded synergy of compound lithium oxide. Is widely at present stage development and use of lithium ion rechargeable battery.

the ternary polymer lithium battery pack life

the so-called lithium battery life is referring to the battery in safe after using for a while, the electric capacity attenuation for rating capacitance ( Room temperature 25 ℃, the standard atmospheric pressure, and with 0. 2 c discharge battery) Seven hundred percent, it can be as end of life. Battery industry in general to lithium battery full cycles to estimate cycle life. Lithium batteries in the safe use of the whole process, the organizational structure will happen again irreversible electrochemical corrosion generate electricity capacity decline, such as the electrolyte, the dissolution of the inactivation of chemical activation of raw materials, is the collapse of the cathode structure produce lithium ion insert and reduce the number of embedded off and so on. Experiments, concluded that a higher ratio of discharge will produce more rapid attenuation of capacitance, if the discharge current is low, the battery voltage is close to balance the working voltage, can send out a large amount of energy.

the ternary polymer lithium battery life is about 900 times cycle, morally in rechargeable lithium batteries more and more commercialized belongs to medium level. Lithium iron phosphate battery is about two thousand times, and lithium titanate was reported to more than 10000 cycles. At this stage the battery manufacturers of mainstream products in the manufacture of ternary polymer batteries in the product specification oral promised more than 600 times ( Standard under the condition of the battery charge and discharge) , just polymer batteries made in group with battery pack, in view of the unity, mainly is the working voltage and internal resistance meter is not completely consistent, the cycle life is about 450 times. Manufacturers recommended safe use SOC window is 10% ~ 90%, a deep storage battery charging and discharging is not recommended, or you will across the electrodes of the battery produce irreversible damage to the structure characteristics, if to shallow fill light to estimate, cycle life of at least one thousand times. In addition, the lithium battery if constantly in high ratio and high temperature environment to devolve power continuously, the battery life will significantly drop to less than two hundred times.

the ternary polymer lithium battery application advantage industry

the ternary polymer lithium-ion batteries in electric capacity and the safety coefficient is more balanced, is a comprehensive performance can be excellent battery. Three key efficacy application field of metal elements are as follows:

high power density is the ternary polymer lithium battery pack of the larger competitive advantage, and working voltage platform is the battery power density is important technical indicators, depends on the basis of the battery performance and cost, working platform, the higher the voltage, than, the greater the capacitance so the same volume, total weight, and even the same at the time of the battery, high working voltage platform ternary material lithium battery life is longer. Monomer ternary polymer lithium battery discharge voltage platform is as high as 3. 7 v, lithium iron phosphate battery is 3. 2 v, and lithium titanate is only 2. 3 v, therefore, from the aspects of power density than the lithium iron phosphate batteries ternary polymer lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate batteries or lithium titanate have greater advantages.

safety factor is a bit poor and short life cycle is the key of the ternary polymer lithium battery weak link, especially the safety coefficient, is always restricted its widespread distribution group, and a wide range of integrated use of a key factor. A large number of evaluation conclusion, larger capacitance ternary cells hardly by acupuncture and overcharge safety testing, it is the large capacity battery is generally more introduction of manganese element, even mixing of lithium iron phosphate battery for the safe use of reason. In 600 times the cycle life of lithium batteries belongs to medium level lower down, so the ternary polymer lithium battery pack at this stage the key application fields is POS terminals, intelligent speakers, wine bottle opener, children watch, beauty apparatus, lighting lamps and lanterns, mobile DVD, GPS tracker, holding a small fan battery, controller, lighting lamps and lanterns, intercom, ETC, ETC.

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