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The types of lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-12-04

John & middot; B。 Goody's husband is the father of lithium battery, he made a smaller lithium-ion batteries, greater storage capacity, operation more stable, finally realized the more and more commercialized, it is worth mentioning in the process of portable electronics equipment instrument. At this stage for the mechanical engineering master major, the university of Texas at Austin, Texas, years old, he is a world-famous scientist, solid and cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium and lithium iron phosphate cathode material, the inventor of the lithium ion battery, the founder of the one, and through scientific research chemistry, structure and the relationship between the solid electronic/ionic nature to design new materials and disposal of materials science problems. SONY chooses goody in 1991 after his theory in today's society created the first commercial lithium-ion batteries, from then on touch screen mobile phone, digital camera, handheld high-definition cameras and new energy electric vehicles and other fields, respectively, into the handheld new energy era

battery capacity usually refers to the size of the battery storage capacity. Battery capacity of the unit is & other; mAh” , Chinese name is ma ( Is weighing the large capacity batteries such as lead-acid batteries, for convenience's sake, general use & other Ah” To suggest, when the Chinese name is, Ah = mah) 。 If the capacity of the battery is mah, namely mA current to the battery discharge, so the battery can last for hours ( MA mA = h) ; If the discharge current for the mA.

lithium battery pack ( Lithiumbattery) Usually refers to the electrochemical system containing lithium ( Cover the metal lithium, lithium metal and lithium ion, lithium polymer) The battery. can be roughly divided into two categories: lithium battery and lithium ion batteries. that is not a charge, and containing lithium metal state. Lithium ion battery does not contain lithium metal state, and is able to charge. Be used in the pacemaker. self-discharge rate is extremely low, flat discharge voltage. Pushing up the implanted cardiac charging can not lasting operation from the beginning. Lithium batteries tend to have higher than v nominal voltage, more comfortable righteousness horse integrated circuit power supply. Manganese dioxide batteries, is widely used in object, camera, wrist watch in multibit. Lithium - The reaction mechanism of manganese dioxide battery difference from general battery, is in non-aqueous organic solvent, negative number of lithium ion by electrolytic lithium dissolved migration into the lattice of MnO, generate MnO ( Li+) 。 Mn recovery by + price + price, its crystal structure change don't attack.

types of lithium batteries

a, classified by anode materials are

1. Cobalt acid lithium batteries:

the ratio of energy the cobalt acid lithium is called mobile phone. Due to the molecular structure of chemical element of cobalt acid lithium is good so the battery structure stability, storage capacity than high, comprehensive performance is prominent, but its security is poor, the cost is very high, it is mainly used for medium and small type batteries, widely used in medium and small notebook, touch screen mobile phones, MP3/4, laptops and digital cameras in the small and medium-sized electronics equipment instrument, enterprise product performance more stable, charge and discharge power rating voltage has been in a normal, comprehensive performance is outstanding, often 3 standard voltage. 7 v

2。 Manganese acid lithium battery pack:

manganese acid lithium battery can be in 20 - 30 a decentralized electric current, and with the appropriate heat accumulation. Cost low price, good safety and low temperature performance anode material, but its material itself is not so stable, easy to decompose to produce gas, so much for mixed with other materials used, in order to reduce the cost of batteries, but the attenuation of cycle life quickly, prone to bulge, high temperature performance is poorer, relatively short life, it is mainly used for large and medium-sized, batteries, power battery, the nominal voltage of 3. 7V。 Lithium manganese acid to hardware tools accessories, medical equipment, and its hybrid cars and new energy vehicles.

3。 Lithium iron phosphate battery charge:

lithium phosphate has good electrochemical safety performance and low resistance. If high energy density, laminated technology good manufacturers, storage capacity to do a few bigger, can achieve 185 wh/kg. Safety performance is excellent, in complete charge and discharge process, in the structure of the battery will not have much change, also won't happen explosions, even the short circuit and overcharge, the collision accident cases, is still very safe.

a common classification, according to the internal structure of the raw material lithium battery

1. Lithium batteries, lithium batteries, manganese dioxide is usually used for the lithium battery cathode material, metal or its alloy metal anode materials for rechargeable batteries, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution.

2。 Lithium ion battery: the lithium ion battery, lithium alloy metal oxide is usually used for the battery anode material, graphite as the cathode materials, using nonaqueous electrolytes of rechargeable batteries.

three, according to the shell material classification

the first category, steel shell rechargeable batteries, in plain English is shell is steel. The vast majority of manufacturers are in steel battery shell material, because the physical stability of the steel materials, pressure is much higher than aluminum shell material, after each manufacturer of structure optimization design, safety device is placed inside the battery core, the security of the steel column type battery has reached a new level.

the second category, aluminum shell rechargeable batteries, the material of the same shell is aluminum. Aluminum shell rechargeable batteries is a shell, a soft shell, as for the anode material, there are many kinds of, see you like which one to use, the use of material use different place is different.

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