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The use of nickel metal hydride battery chargers

by:dcfpower     2020-11-04

as a nimh battery manufacturing companies, now we must know the using method of nimh battery charger, here we take a look at the use of nimh battery charger.

1, nickel-metal hydride battery with large current charging is useful, the biggest use is to be able to curb the dendrite growth. Therefore, we suggest that choose 0. 4 c ~ 1 c current charging as well. At present, most basic is zero. 1 c below the current charge, the advantage of this charging mode is able to alleviate or avoid failure, because the battery overheat and cause acute, however, is very easy to form the dendrite growth, form a life of failure. According to the test records, the original use 0. 5 c rechargeable battery, life expectancy of 600 times, in the selection of 0. 08 c charging, fell to 120 times life in severe cases. Anatomy is found in severe cases the dendrite growth. This is the case, but also shows the battery is still in the condition of large current charging as well.

2, charge calculation of termination

usually consist of several methods.

a long charging time. For the nickel metal hydride batteries at present stage, In the case of AA) , the minimum battery capacity is 800 mah, the largest is called the 2500 mah. Difference is quite big, all, longer charging time should be in accordance with the normally larger capacity design, however, so the design for small capacity battery has been far beyond the time. Top charging voltage: usually design to 1. 6 v, for individual cells so design can, for most of the battery has been charged, even reach the charging voltage. The highest temperature. This is should be a protective measures can, indicating the battery capacity, usually is not accurate.

temperature rise rate. Is preventive measures, in achieving maximum charging temperature had a prediction. Two temperature test method are related to the environmental temperature. Choose this method, temperature value take low, battery owe charge will be very serious, selects the high temperature, low temperature environment can be formed and acute damage to the battery charging.

3, considerations of string lithium battery pack pack

usually AA battery charger, want to consider as far as possible take the method of monomer battery, so no equilibrium problem, but, for the string lithium battery pack pack, must consider the battery uneven constant problems. No matter how carefully the battery factory, with group, with the progress of the deep circulating, uneven cell constant problems exposed sooner or later. Thus, owe charging battery will form the faster the dendrite growth, charging leads to partition melting. So, you must take good balance function.

at present, some of the electric bicycle use nickel-metal hydride, lithium battery pack pack, to balance the lack of consideration, makes the battery completely unable to play up the monomer battery life, and in severe cases of early failure, formed in severe cases the user claims. So many examples.

so requires, the battery in extreme conditions: open circuit and short circuit balancing system can continue to work. 0 data of monomer battery charging process, the rise of temperature of the monomer battery and so on. So the balance of the same price is very high, but not so balanced system, is unable to make the battery monomer battery life.

4, whether to choose the negative pulse charging, to adjust measures to local conditions.

the negative pulse charging, can reduce the electrochemical reaction temperature of the battery plate, however, quite a lot of battery ohm polarization is more serious.

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