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The working principle of nimh batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-16

nimh battery is an outstanding performance. Nickel metal hydride batteries are divided into high pressure low nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Nickel metal hydride battery cathode active material of Ni ( 哦) 2 ( According to the NiO metal electrode) , the cathode active material for metal hydride, also known as the hydrogen storage alloy ( Metal electrode hydrogen storage electrode metal) , the electrolyte is 6 mol/L potassium hydroxide solution. Nickel metal hydride batteries as a hydrogen energy use is an important direction becomes more and more attention to.

the advantages of nimh batteries

1, the safety performance and stability of record

2, power density than standard nickel cadmium battery thirty - Four hundred percent. Allow a longer running time or reduce the size of the battery pack. Nickel metal hydride battery system has a higher development potential.

3, big power density.

4, green environmental protection & ndash; Don't add heavy metal.

5, simple storage and logistics transportation & ndash; Logistics transportation condition will not be safety regulation inhibit

6, be remembered more easily than the nickel cadmium battery.

7, can be issued by a variety of cell size

8, standards, regulations, the consumption structure type, and its unique types, such as low self-discharge, high speed and high rate discharge, continuous high temperature and wide temperature structure type.

9, 2 VPC represents the battery voltage is easier to change.

10, issue a simple battery solutions

11, a single battery without complicated PCB reinstall electronics

the defects of nimh batteries

1, the new organic chemistry antioxidants improved self-discharge, but the pay is low power density.

2, if stored under sustained high temperature, the use of performance will decline & ndash; NiMH should be stored in shady and cool place, battery charging status is about four hundred percent.

3, two hundred percent more expensive than nickel-cadmium batteries with appearance & ndash; Conceived as high current consumption of nickel metal hydride batteries more expensive than universal.

use range: ( Main use fields)

consumer digital solar street lamps lighting / 3 c digital handheld devices medical equipment intelligent bluetooth/speakers

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