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There are several varieties of type lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-24

with the development of science and technology progress, now lithium-ion batteries have unconsciously into everyone's life more than ten years, now the lithium battery is mainly used in touch screen mobile phone, notebook computer batteries, electric cars, can too can equipment, household use of all kinds of small home appliance, and now popular new energy electric vehicle batteries. can say now is the largest consumer audience group. The lithium battery is not known how many varieties can be divided into several types,! ! ! ! Today we small make up take you to understand that the lithium battery there are several varieties of types.

there are several types of lithium-ion batteries

a, the lithium battery according to the shape can be divided into

1. Cylindrical lithium-ion battery

this kind of cylindrical varieties can also be divided into a lot of kinds, such as: cylindrical lithium battery, cylindrical lithium-ion polymer battery 18650, three yuan cylindrical lithium battery pack, cylindrical li-ion battery, 26650 more cylindrical ni-mh battery, and so on the shape. Like a start using development designed are generally cylindrical batteries, if you want instant high power batteries are will combined use.

2。 Square battery

square cells, is square, the interface of the battery can be set to point flat spot, now we are very common on mobile power charging treasure, because polymer battery having sex is good, can produce a variety of shapes, dimensions can be according to the customer's product requirements and changes. Most of the electronic smart devices on the market are much with square cells.

3。 Heterosexual lithium battery

listen to this name will be able to distinguish out, must be strange, are usually carried out in accordance with the product requirements to form a complete set of shapes.

, lithium battery by using field can be divided into two

1. Industrial lithium battery

industrial use, must use range is very wide! Industrial lithium batteries included such as: solar energy storage GPS trackers, batteries, lithium batteries, batteries, consumer electronics, digital medical personal care class, hand-held portable battery, medical equipment batteries, power tools, intelligent bluetooth headset speakers batteries, lithium-ion batteries underwater vacuum cleaner, lighting lamps and lanterns, etc the battery electric vehicle and so on.

2。 Power lithium battery pack

high power battery is for power, can also be called high rate battery, the price will be more expensive than normal lithium battery. For example; Tesla is specializing in the production of power li-ion batteries, often used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and now is very popular new energy green electric vehicle.

three, according to the material performance of the battery to distinguish

1. High temperature lithium battery

used in high temperature area, also can be divided into high temperature 18650 lithium batteries, polymer lithium battery in high temperature and high temperature ternary lithium battery, etc. Usually can be used in miner's lamp, room lamp, built-in back-up power of a machine.

2。 Low temperature lithium battery

to use low temperature area, nature also can be divided into low temperature 18650 lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery at low temperature, low temperature ternary lithium battery, etc. , usually can use in the cold northern climate, the extremely cold weather Antarctica, the arctic.

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