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Three 18650 lithium battery repair methods

by:dcfpower     2020-11-02

18650 lithium battery in the 18 representative of about 18 mm in diameter, 65 represents the total length is 65 mm, 0 for cylindrical batteries. 18650 lithium battery safety performance is high, no explosion, not burning; Non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection no pollution, passed RoHS trademark registration process; All kinds of safety performance of one pace reachs the designated position, cycles is more than five hundred times; Use high temperature resistant performance is good, a 65 - degree condition to devolve power efficiency was one thousand percent, and a lot of times we often encounter 18650 lithium battery suddenly broke down and overwhelmed, ok, today we look at three big lithium battery repair methods.

three 18650 lithium battery repair method

1, deep erasures 18650 lithium battery or the battery surface rusty parts

with rubber polishing or other chemical corrosion on the surface of the cleaning tools can be erased.

lithium battery repair method principle:

for a long time use lithium battery metal surface will appear the corresponding degree of oxidation, caused by a variety of mobile phone batteries with poor phone touch, lithium-ion batteries use time shorter, and use a rubber polishing or other chemical corrosion on the surface of the cleaning tools can be erased, let the battery and mobile phone touch better.

2, frozen for a period of time, in use to see if the battery can be normal use

all your battery after use, with temperature, the battery under the condition of the temperature instability will greatly shorten the using time, because the battery is without electricity and quite part of lithium ion has a memory of electricity in this way can make the electric release part of memory, winter has come, placed on the outside for a while, and then get a room.

the principle of lithium battery pack repair method 2:

low temperature can make the internal lithium battery electrolyte produces change, promote just after the frozen cells produce chemical reaction. The whole process of lithium-ion batteries used the whole process is actually a charge and discharge. During this period, the battery inside the negatively charged and positive charge/hit each other. The battery will be more and more not after use, because in normal room temperature, the inside of the electronic kinetic energy is relatively large, so the battery is in rapid growth, relatively frequent short circuit conditions. And put the lithium battery in low temperature environment, the lithium battery pack of lithium and electrolyte membrane on the surface of the micro particle structure, and their interface are produces very obvious change, cause inside the battery will not enter the fast growth, lower leakage current. So again after charging, for electricity will increase the time of the phone.

3, remove the battery will power cost over 18650, breaking to refill the cycle repeated several times

there is some way to remove the battery, put a week or so, the electricity will take it slowly, need to use the machine will first after electricity cost completely. Then all rushed, estimate you charging time is very short, now filled with after the break, again repeated several times, absolutely effective.

the principle of lithium battery pack repair methods three

the cycle of lithium battery service life is about more than six hundred times. If charging more, hot games make its internal molecules arranged micro particle structure gradually be destroyed, the storage charge efficiency will slowly decrease. And the whole process of frozen easily damage the internal structure of the original battery, in the short term may increase the ability to take charge, but long time use is not necessarily efficient. inside the micro particle structure once destroyed, want to do a complete recovery is unlikely, using this method for a long time will accelerate a variety of mobile phone battery consumption.

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