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Three-dimensional animation shows the introduction of the principle of automobile lithium battery (video)

by:dcfpower     2021-03-10
The test conducted by the battery endurance testing laboratory of Sandia National Laboratory in the United States has given consumers a lot of confidence. This laboratory is the authoritative organization for performance testing of car batteries in the United States. Researchers will heat, impact, puncture and squeeze car batteries to see how safe they are in crashes and extreme operating conditions. The manufacturing and testing of advanced lithium batteries for energy-efficient vehicles has accelerated, and lithium battery pack research has received millions of dollars in funding. The funds will be used for more and faster testing of lithium batteries. But we know that there is no absolutely safe car in the world. Compared with conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are indeed easier to catch fire, but the probability is at least much lower than that of gasoline and then cars.

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