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Three points prove that the capacity of the lithium battery has nothing to do with the ambient temperature!

by:dcfpower     2021-03-14

With the development of science and technology, battery technology is constantly improving. Lithium batteries are used in various industries. Nowadays, safety is the most important and most important part to consider.

The safe use of lithium batteries under different environmental conditions is very important. In all environments. Temperature has the greatest impact on the charging and discharging functions of lithium batteries. The electrochemical reaction at the electrode/electrolyte interface is related to the ambient temperature. The electrode/electrolyte interface is regarded as the blood of a lithium battery.

If the temperature drops, the response of the electrodes will also decrease: Assume that the voltage of the lithium battery remains stable and the discharge current drops. Then the power output of the lithium battery will also decrease. If the temperature rises, the opposite is true. That is, the output power of the lithium battery will rise. Temperature also affects the transfer speed of the electrolyte, which accelerates when the temperature rises, and slows down when the temperature drops: the charging and discharging functions of lithium batteries will also be affected. But the temperature is too high. It will destroy the chemical balance in the lithium battery. If a single lithium battery pack of 20 Ah is used as an example, a normal environmental experiment is carried out:

First, when the lithium battery is fully charged, put it in the environment ( A 20-2) After 20 hours of storage in a low temperature experiment box at ℃. Under (-20-2) ℃ environmental conditions, discharge with a current of 1ⅣA. Until the discharge stop voltage is 2.0 V. The capacity of the lithium battery should not be less than 70% of the limit value. After measuring the battery capacity as 20 Ah. That is the limit value, indicating that the capacity value is not lower at a low temperature of 20 ℃. change.

Second, in an experiment box with an ambient temperature of (20_+5) ℃ at room temperature. Discharge the lithium battery with a current of 1ⅣA until the discharge stops at a voltage of 2.0 V. At this time, test this group of batteries. Its capacity value should not be lower than the limit value or exceed the capacity value. The capacity test value is 21 Ah, which is 105% of the limit value, indicating that the lithium battery is within the normal range at (20_+5) ℃ normal temperature.

3. When the lithium battery is fully charged, store it in a high temperature experiment box with an environment of (55-2) ℃ for 5 hours, and then store it at (55-2) ℃. 1ⅣA current discharge until the discharge stop voltage is 2.0 V. Its capacity should not be less than 95% of the limit value. The actual measured capacity value is 20 Ah, which is the limit value. It shows that under the high temperature state of 55℃, its capacity value has not changed.

Although in theory, the environment has an impact on lithium batteries. But experiments show that lithium batteries even under the conditions of temperature changes. The capacity value has not changed very much. Therefore, the change in ambient temperature does not have much impact on the lithium battery.

In the future, lithium battery pack packs are used as power batteries. So, no matter from which point, regarding the safety of power lithium batteries. The safety of a single lithium battery is the most important.

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