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Three to five safe use of lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-10
Lithium batteries are favored by the majority of model friends because of their unique advantages-fast charge and discharge speed and high energy per unit weight. For users, the correct use and charging of lithium batteries is very important.  1. Charging safety   If you are always careless, or are too lazy to follow various safe use rules, then you should give up using lithium batteries. This is because the most dangerous process of using lithium batteries is charging. Not only must a special charger (Figure 1) be used, but also the voltage and battery cell number must be set correctly, otherwise it may cause a fire.   The charging method of lithium battery is different from nickel-cadmium battery and nickel-hydrogen battery, it needs a special charger. Generally speaking, as long as the number of battery cells is set, a charger that can charge lithium-ion batteries can also charge lithium-polymer batteries. Never use a special charger for nickel-cadmium batteries or nickel-hydrogen batteries to charge lithium batteries. The consequences are very dangerous.  Lithium polymer battery charging guidelines:  1. Use a charger that matches the lithium battery. This charger is specially designed for lithium batteries, and its price is not expensive. Some model friends like to use old mobile phone battery chargers to convert into aeromodelling lithium battery chargers. This approach has potential safety hazards and is not recommended.   2. The number of battery cells must be set correctly (Figure 2). During the first few minutes of charging, you should also observe from time to time whether the battery cell count displayed by the charger is always correct.   3. Before charging the newly purchased lithium battery pack, check the voltage of each battery (Figure 3). This operation should also be performed after every ten times of charging and discharging. Because unbalanced lithium batteries are prone to fire when charging, this step is very important. If the pressure difference between each battery exceeds 0.1V, each battery should be charged to 4.2V separately. If there is an imbalance before each charge, it means that a certain battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.  4. Do not leave human supervision during the whole process of charging the lithium battery. Frequently heard of various lithium battery charging causing fires in houses and cars (Figure 4) are all unsupervised.  5. It is best to charge in a safe area without flammable materials, such as ceramic plates and flower pots with a layer of fine sand (Figure 5). If the lithium battery burns, it will not cause a fire.   6. Do not charge at a rate exceeding 1C unless otherwise specified in the product manual. Although in theory the current battery can withstand a larger charging current, it will still shorten the life of the battery and increase the probability of fire risk. If you really need it, buy a few more batteries and use them in rotation (Figure 6), so you don't have to rush to charge them.  7. Do not pierce the lithium battery with impact. If the lithium battery is swollen, do not use it again. Put it in a place isolated from flammable materials and let it stand for more than two hours. If there is no danger, use a flashlight bulb (rated voltage higher than the battery voltage) to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery to discharge (Figure 7). After the light of the bulb is completely dimmed, the battery can be removed and thrown in the sorting trash can. 8. In the event of an explosionObserve for more than 20 minutes in a place isolated from flammable materials to eliminate fire hazards. Once a model friend threw the damaged battery directly into the car, which caused the fire to destroy the entire car. It is beyond regret.    9. Recharge in a good place. Because in case the battery explodes and burns, a lot of harmful gas will be generated, which can be quickly dissipated in a well-ventilated place.    10. Prepare a fire extinguisher for lithium batteries, or prepare a small bucket of sand (Figure 9). Just in case When the lithium battery explodes and burns, you can quickly and effectively extinguish the fire.    11. Don’t have a fluke. A fire can happen to anyone, and if you have a fluke, you will often pit yourself. Use lithium batteries carefully to avoid all potential safety hazards.   Two. Brief description of lithium battery knowledge 1. What is lithium battery? is widely used in various electronic devices: mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, etc. Lithium batteries are not a special technology for aircraft models. Lithium polymer batteries and lithium ion batteries have Common point-the same voltage 3.6V. There are also differences, lithium-ion batteries are packed in a metal shell, while lithium-polymer batteries use soft packaging. Common lithium-polymer batteries are in the shape of a square sheet (Figure 10). The positive and negative terminals. Its outstanding advantage is its light weight, which is very suitable for aviation models.   2. Voltage and battery number The voltage of a lithium battery after being fully charged is 4.2V, and the voltage after discharge is 3.0V, which cannot be exceeded during use. These two limit values, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery.    The specific method to avoid the voltage of the lithium battery below 3.0V is to set the minimum voltage in the electronic governor. When the voltage of the single battery is below 3.0V, the manipulator You will get feedback from the sudden decrease in power, knowing that it’s time to let the model land. If the electronic governor has an automatic lithium battery mode, it can automatically determine the number of battery cells and automatically set the limit voltage.  
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