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Tips for safe flying of drones

by:dcfpower     2021-03-17

At the beginning of 2016, Amazon broke the news of planning drone delivery. In an interview with Yahoo News, it proposed the specific goal of delivering drones, hoping to complete the delivery within 30 minutes after the user placed the order. Since then, has also revealed the idea of u200bu200busing drones to complete distribution work to remote areas. With the popularity of drones, security and privacy issues are constantly emerging. However, I believe that none of these can stop the enthusiasm of more and more drone enthusiasts. After all, the more applications it can be used in. Come closer to life.

At the end of May, Xiaomi released its first consumer-grade drone. During the live broadcast of the press conference, there was a phenomenon of 'bombing aircraft' caused by errors. Are humans and machines suitable for novices to use? This is indeed a question that users who want to start consumer drones need to consider.

Although for the majority of male friends, there was a period of time when they were very obsessed with remote control racing remote control airplanes, but they can really fly up to tens of meters, hundreds of meters high. That said, novices are not able to get started. Due to lack of experience, insufficient understanding of the performance of the drone itself, and insufficient sensitivity to the environment of the outside flight, there will be 'explosion planes' that stagger and fall to the ground after flying the drone into the sky. Miserable. Not only is the newly bought drone crushed to pieces, but it also suffers even more when it encounters people.

In order to avoid stepping on the broken bones of the machine to go to the dead routine of the old driver, the editor today will popularize a few essential points for playing drones. I hope it will be useful to everyone and avoid unnecessary losses. .

Before considering flying, we must first determine the terrain. Beijing's requirements for drone flight restrictions are outside the Fifth Ring Road. Therefore, for safety reasons, don't take off with the drone and take off on the lawn of your own community or backyard. After all, if you touch dangerous objects such as wires, you may be held civilly liable. I suggest you choose a safe, wide, high-altitude, no obstacle, and a relatively flat outdoor flight.

Second, because the drone is operated by satellite positioning, it is necessary to determine whether the GPS is successfully connected before taking off. Even if it is successfully connected and positioned, the strong air currents or unexpected obstacles in the air will put a lot of pressure on the novice, and they often crash without knowing what to do.

It’s worth emphasizing here that if GPS suddenly fails, what should we do? Most UAV systems currently have an automatic return to home function. Generally, press the shutdown button on the joystick to turn off. The drone will automatically return home; of course, if you encounter unforeseen things such as wires or other drones on the way back, you will consider yourself unlucky.

The third is to control the flight altitude. The law stipulates that if the weight is less than seven kilograms and the flight altitude does not exceed 150 meters, you can fly in unmanned areas without reporting to relevant departments. If it exceeds a certain height, it will be invited to drink tea. Take the first drone launched by Xiaomi as an example. The flight time limit for novices is 300 minutes and the height limit is 50 meters. A battery can only support flying time for less than 30 minutes, and it will consume ten batteries. After flying for 5 hours, we can see the importance of restricting flying altitude for novices.

The last point is that for a flying friend who really loves drone flying, he must be good at seizing every opportunity to accumulate experience. Aerial photography is not just a simple remote control. The drone took off for a few laps, which also included a lot of professional flight photography knowledge.

So if you have an experienced driver around you, try to get in touch with each other and listen carefully to the other person’s advice. Generally speaking, flying with a steady veteran will first eliminate the novice's nervousness in the operation of the drone, and second, it will overcome some blind spots in the flight.

In the final analysis, the most important thing to play with drones is safety, to increase understanding of the machine, improve technology, and develop the habit of careful inspection. For the sake of safety, it is necessary to understand the assembly, circuit, air, wind direction, resistance and other knowledge of the drone. Although using drones for aerial photography is not as difficult as driving a real airplane, it is definitely much more difficult than driving, so flying a drone with the mood of driving a train can't be wrong.

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