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Tips for using lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-06
1. Overcharging is dangerous. Overcharging can cause great damage to the lithium battery pack. Therefore, it is best to charge according to the standard time and standard method, especially not more than 12 hours. Any form of overcharging of lithium batteries will cause serious damage to battery performance, and even explosions and fires. In fact, maintaining the power of lithium batteries at 10% to 90% helps protect the battery. In other words, charging the batteries of digital products such as mobile phones and laptops does not need to reach the maximum value. 2. Excessive discharge, scrapping No matter it is for notebooks or mobile phones, do not let the battery run out (automatic shutdown). Excessive discharge will cause the decomposition and destruction of lithium ion active materials, and may not be reduced and discarded. In addition, when the lithium battery is not used, it will automatically discharge, so it must be charged after 3-6 months of inactivity. This happened in life: a new mobile phone was lost after I bought it for more than half a year; therefore, I had to find out the old mobile phone from the drawer, and the result was that the battery was short of electricity when it was turned on, and it could no longer be recharged, indicating that the battery was damaged. Up. u003c/pu003e
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