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To place a long time of nimh battery activation repair methods

by:dcfpower     2020-11-01

nimh batteries are now on the market one of the most famous rechargeable batteries, due to the nimh battery longer than most other rechargeable battery lifetime. International brand nickel metal hydride battery cycle according to the official claim to be able to charge nine hundred - fast One thousand times, but the actual is a expectations, it's just not like this usually use cycle. Especially if they already placed a period of time, will reduce can't activate, use cycle that today we are going to know about the nimh batteries placed a long time activation method, repair mode.

is placed for a long time of nimh battery activation method

first of all we need to buy back box according to our instructions in the manual of the method, buy our ternary lithium battery pack box inside also have instructions, use a digital multimeter test we need to refresh the working voltage of nimh batteries, try to ensure that the working voltage of each battery reading of 1. 0 volts, or is a greater state of low pressure is reached. This time if the working voltage of each is 1. 2 volts, so only need quick charge battery. Then use the AC power adapter from the bright red cable alligator clip in contact with the battery is extreme. The AC power adapter cable black alligator clip contact battery negative extreme. Maintain three seconds. From the AC power adapter on the battery will be removed.

with the digital multimeter test working voltage again. If the working voltage is consistent, please repeat this process many times again. Sometimes cells need two to four times the impact. If be in, try this operation process after four working voltage is consistent, still need to replace the battery. After startup, working voltage should be increased to each battery only ErFu. Before trying to use the battery, let the battery rest time 10 to 15 minutes. If the battery is not running, please use the normal quick charge battery charger.

nimh battery repair way

the first: the naked nimh batteries fully discharged completely, according to the problems existing in the battery to the battery immediately short circuit or with 1 o resistance when the voltage of the load discharge to near to zero volts, takes about 5 - Ten hours.

second: open valve.

like panasonic, SONY and other international well-known brands of batteries are desperately with four holes, can see valve rubber cap, using a fine wire bent into a U, then from the bottom of the rubber cap insert about 2 mm to the center position.

then: with just boiling hot water nimh batteries

until the anode will not be a bubble, but must remember not to boil the battery, after just boil the water hot. Immediately placed in cool water in the bottle, probably waiting for 1 minute or so, as part of the water are inhaled, screw die immediately cap hard squeeze the bottle about ten seconds, make more water into the battery.

then: remove the nimh batteries

to wipe, pull out U type wire, set of leather. It is best to use grand cross screwdriver with a small hammer, smashed the positive electrode cap center position slightly concave, in order to increase the valve seal, concave down to zero. More than 5 mm can, hit the danger happening.

finally: place to begin running 3 - after 5 hours 5 times of charging and discharging.

the first quick charge first use was about thirty minutes fast, then slow filling fast charge to voltage of 1. More than 45 v, then use charger can medium or slow speed, rated capacity again.

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