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Traditional UPS battery test and maintenance methods and their drawbacks

by:dcfpower     2021-03-03
The testing and maintenance methods for UPS batteries have been constantly developing and advancing. When this type of battery was first launched, it was accompanied by the formation of traditional testing and maintenance methods. However, these methods are too primitive to meet contemporary needs. In the traditional way, the measurement of the battery is to use a multimeter to measure the terminal voltage. Through long-term practice, we have found that using this multimeter test method to judge the old battery has lost the expected effect, so it cannot effectively respond to all aspects of the battery performance. u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e Another method is to test whether the UPS power supply can output the specified standard current at the moment of startup. However, the disadvantage of this test method is that it cannot fully judge the quality of the battery, because some batteries will have insufficient instantaneous current if they are left for a long time or are not regularly discharged. In addition, when judging the capacity of the UPS battery, the traditional test method is the same as the judging method for the general type of battery, that is, the whole leased battery pack is cut off after the power is connected to the resistance wire, and the current and power that first reach the terminal The arrival time is used to estimate the capacity of the entire battery, but this traditional test method has a series of disadvantages that cannot be compensated. For example, if the entire battery pack is disconnected from the power source during the test, it will greatly increase the chance of crash. Moreover, when this method is used for testing, the discharge time is often very long, and the workload will be invisibly increased in the case of manual recording. In addition, the heating of the resistance wire will cause red heat, and the risk index will also rise sharply. u003c/pu003e
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