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Typical troubleshooting examples of 18650 strong light flashlight

by:dcfpower     2021-03-18
At present, various types of bright flashlights have been widely used. The most popular is the rechargeable 18650 3.7V lithium battery pack-powered strong light flashlight, which is moderately priced, stable in light, light and small, and most of them have strong light, low light, burst flash and other functions. , One charge can be used for dozens of hours. The 18650 strong light flashlight is composed of lamp beads, batteries, lamp tubes, lamp back cover (switch) and control circuit. The author repaired many cases of glare hand lamp failures, and summarized them for reference by maintenance personnel. u003cpu003eu003c/pu003eExample 1. The button (switch) does not respond, and the light does not turn on. Analysis and maintenance: The analysis of the failure phenomenon is mostly abnormalities such as the control circuit and the wick. First, turn on the lamp tube, check that the battery voltage is 3.9V, and the battery voltage is within the normal range. Then remove the wick for measurement, and power on the wick (do not exceed 3V, otherwise it will burn the wick). The author used the diode gear of the multimeter to power on the wick, and the wick can light up, indicating that the wick is normal. Only the back cover and the control part are left. Remove the back cover of the lamp and use a wire to connect the negative electrode of the battery directly to the shell of the strong light lamp. The wick can light up, indicating that the control part is normal. The problem should be in the back cover of the lamp. Carefully check the back cover of the lamp. It is found that the switch contacts on the back cover have been deformed and poor contact has occurred. After correction with needle-nose pliers, the strong light returns to normal. Example 2. After a long time of use, the lamp suddenly goes out. Analysis and maintenance: According to the inspection method of the above example, it is found that the wick does not dissipate well and overheats after a long time of light. Remove the pad, blow it down with a hot air gun, and apply thermal grease under the wick. The purpose is to transfer the heat generated by the wick to the base, and then solder the wick back to its original position. It has been used continuously for more than 3 hours. No longer fall off, troubleshooting. Example 3. The strong light lamp can only brighten very weak light, and cannot flash. The battery voltage is within the normal range, indicating that there is a problem with the control part of the circuit. Remove the control chip and supply power to it. Only 2.4V voltage output, measurement The drive block is damaged. It costs more than 20 yuan to buy a driver block or a control circuit board (including postage) online, and it costs more than 50 yuan to buy a new bright flashlight, which feels a bit unworthy. Think carefully about the function of the control circuit: one is to prevent the battery voltage from being too high, breakdown the wick, and complete the constant current power supply to the wick; second, when the battery voltage drops to a certain level, it cuts off the output and no longer supplies power to the wick, thus Protect the 18650 battery from excessive output voltage; the third is to complete the switching of functions such as strong light, weak light, and flashing. Since the control circuit is broken, and the user only uses the lighting function, he decided to use the original step-down current-limiting method to repair. The method is to connect a diode 1N4007 and a 5Ω resistor in series with the anode of the wick. The function of 1N4007: One is to prevent the reverse voltage from puncturing the wick when the 18650 battery is connected reversely; the other is to reduce the voltage by 0.7V to avoid overvoltage damage to the wick. The 5Ω resistor is used to limit the conduction current of the wick. After repairing in this way, although the strong light, weak light, and flashing functions are lost, it can emit light as long as the switch is turned on, and the brightness is moderate, and the effect is better after using for a period of time!u003c/pu003e
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