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Understand the basic properties of the batteries | industry information

by:dcfpower     2020-12-06

cell ( 电池) Containing electrolyte solution and the cup of the metal electrode to generate an electric current, groove or other containers or composite part of the container space. With the progress of science and technology, the battery refers to a small device can generate electricity. Such as solar cells. The main performance parameters of the battery are electromotive force, capacity, specific energy and resistance.

( 1) The open circuit voltage of battery

( 2) Battery internal resistance of the

( 3) The working voltage of the battery

( 4) Charging voltage

charging voltage is refers to the secondary battery when charging, external power on both ends of the battery voltage. The basic ways of charging has permanently charging current and constant voltage charging. Generally adopt constant current charging, its characteristics in the process of charging the charging current constant. As charging, active substances is restored, the electrode reaction area shrinking, motor polarization increased gradually.

( 5) Battery capacity

battery capacity refers to the amount of electricity from the battery, the commonly used C, said unit commonly used Ah or mAh said. Capacity is an important index of battery performance. Battery capacity is usually divided into theoretical capacity, the actual capacity and rated capacity. If battery capacity is determined by the capacity of the electrode, electrode capacity, the capacity of the battery depends on the electrode capacity is small, but is by no means is the sum of the cathode capacity.

( 6) The storage performance and life of battery

chemical power source is one of the main features of can release energy when using, need not when can store electrical energy. The so-called storage performance for secondary battery for charge ability. When for secondary battery, the service life of an important measure of battery performance good or bad. After a secondary battery charging and discharging, referred to as a cycle, Or a loop) 。 Under the certain charge and discharge system, battery capacity to achieve a specified value before the battery can go through the cycle count is called secondary battery life cycle.

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