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USB rechargeable batteries that brand is good, USB rechargeable batteries to use

by:dcfpower     2020-10-10

recently often are not well-known customers consulting technology co. , LTD. USB battery what we use, don't know why in daily life use as this battery, the life convenient outlet directly by using ordinary rechargeable batteries is not convenient due to the built-in USB battery capacity small 1450 & lt; 2100 is not a very practical chicken ribs, something will be using it? That today we take a look at the USB rechargeable batteries that brand is good, USB rechargeable batteries to use it.

USB rechargeable batteries

now have 2020 now an example of the experience. Let me answer recently bought a logitech G304 under wireless mouse, using ordinary lithium battery pack will find causes behind the mouse at the bottom of the center of gravity is overweight, so see you said can change portable USB battery, with really feel after the explosion. This thing for some items with battery, very good. Standby charge also convenient. Here can see there are some related parameters about our USB nimh batteries.

1。 No. 2 v 400 mah AAA7 USB rechargeable nimh batteries

it's batteries models: EPT1. 2 v 400 mah AA it's nominal voltage: 1. It's 2 v nominal capacity: 400 mah

product size: it's charging voltage AAA 7:1. Even discharging termination voltage 5 v: 1. 0 v even operating temperature range: charging: 0 ~ 45 ℃, discharge: - 10 ~ 60 ℃

it's storage temperature range: storage, 1 year) - 20 ℃ to + 25 ℃, storage, 6 months) - 20 ℃ and + 35 ℃, storage, 3 months) - - - - - - 20 ℃ to + 45 ℃

it's charging standard: 0. 1 c 16 hours filling it's standard discharge: 0. 2 to 1 c discharge. 0 v you quick charge: 0. 5 c 2. 4 hours and it's product features: high capacity, low self-discharge. EPT design this battery has applied for the national utility model patent 1, appearance patent 3 article

1. ) Unique design can realize a cable to the battery;

2。 ) Charging voltage only 5 v is very safe.

3。 ) Can charge multiple battery at the same time, 7 #, 5 # can be recharged at the same time;

4。 ) Design the charge indicator, after completion of charging from red to blue light;

5。 ) Charging treasure, computer phone charger plug can be completed, do not need to purchase another charger, reduced the purchase charger into

this, economical and practical.

battery characteristics: USB charging, a cable can be simultaneously to the battery, 5 and 7 without having to carry the charger

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