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Using field of nimh batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-18

today have sold on the market at present most of the large car batteries are basically use cylindrical ni-mh battery or two battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries of granular we today of nickel metal hydride batteries are heavily used in large capacity above car batteries, polymer lithium battery can be used in electronic devices can also be used in large industrial facilities, good today, we take a look at together using field of nimh batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries.

nimh battery field

nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries for industry have a smart phone, mobile DCD, laptops, high-definition cameras, digital SLR camera, digital drive a wheat, their digital assistant ( PDA) , 4 g phone, new energy vehicles, portable navigation and positioning system, and its cars, high-speed trains, ships, spacecraft, medical robots, skateboard, electric vehicles, children's toy car, lawnmower, electric lawn mower, outdoor exploration of things, mobile devices such as manual things are likely to use polymer lithium ion battery in the future.

in addition, nickel metal hydride battery unit energy than today's usually lithium battery pack comprehensive development by 50%, its capacity, charge and discharge characteristics, safety performance, safety operation temperature scale, cycle life, Beyond 500 times) In such aspects as the basic function and environmental protection than the all-round development of lithium ion batteries have largely.

the advantages of nimh batteries

1. High energy density, W/kg) 。 No memory effect, long cycle life,

2。 Internal low output impedance, but can't compare with nickel cadmium battery is low. Can be subject to large current discharge, overcharge and over discharge ability;

3。 Common cycle life of three thousand cycles.

4。 Can also be deep circulation. High energy density, the nickel cadmium is his 1. 5 times;

5。 Use nimh batteries, have proved that in the depth of discharge (100% DOD) With over a three thousand - cycle. In the lower depth of discharge, such as 4% DOD, also can be expected to have more than one cycle.

6。 Durable & ndash; Nimh batteries can afford to over charge and discharge conditions, so as to optimize the battery management requirements.

7。 Flat discharge characteristics ( But at the end of the cycle of rapid decline)

8。 Wide working temperature range

9. Can quick charge within 1 hour

10. A trickle charge in general can't use with nimh batteries, because of excessive charge will cause cell aging. The charger shall be equipped with a timer, therefore, to prevent excessive charging.

11。 Because the deflated may produce pressure, so they generally contain a repeatable seal exhaust valve.

12。 Can also be repaired.

13。 Environmental protection, No cadmium, mercury or lead) No pollution, healthy environmental protection batteries.

14。 Due to the use of more benign reactive chemicals and in the case of accidents or abuse than lithium batteries safer, this is especially important in high power and car use.

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