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Want to buy lithium battery, custom lithium battery which manufacturer is good?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-07

a lot of the time due to the uniqueness of equipment products or variations make equipment for the conventional lithium battery can't use on the market, the time a custom lithium batteries are derived, but looking for a custom is better and the spectrum of the lithium battery manufacturer is a top priority. The custom lithium battery pack manufacturer which good? Today let's take a look at this article wants to buy lithium battery, customize the lithium battery which manufacturer is ok.

small make up feel custom lithium battery should be concerned about the following points, one is factory have brand awareness, the other is the manufacturer of the experience and seniority, three is the actual research and development capabilities of the manufacturer, four is mass production capacity, production level five is a worker. As small make up to introduce you to customize the lithium battery which manufacturer is good?

, is a core technology of batteries (the combination of enterprise National high-tech enterprises and high-tech enterprises in shenzhen) , is a set design, research and development, production, sales in the integration of industrial enterprises in shenzhen city. Is not only a nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lithium batteries, 18650 battery such as ternary lithium battery manufacturers, the nimh battery suppliers well-known at home and abroad, but also can provide customers with integrated custom battery custom solutions, meet customer demand for solutions. Batteries are widely used in lighting lamps and lanterns, medical equipment, personal care, electric tools, consumer digital, solar lamp energy storage, and other fields, now there are two battery factory is a manufacturer in shenzhen, another is in meizhou. Factory in shenzhen has 1000 + people more, researchers with more than 200 + people, product research and development speed.

every year a lot of money and manpower on the development of new products, a number of innovations and new technologies and to apply for a patent protected. Shenzhen factory passed the ISO9001, the BSCI and wal-mart factory-examining, products have CE, UL, IEC62133, ROHS, REACH, UN38. 3, the BIS, KC, CQC certification, and purchase the highest $2 million worldwide product liability insurance.

Shenzhen Chuangneng Ruiyuan Electronics CO.,LTD. devises a regular, independent, transparent and objective assessment mechanism to evaluate country performance.
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