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What are 606090 polymer batteries, lithium polymer battery 606090 strengths and weaknesses

by:dcfpower     2020-10-18

606090 adopted by polymer electrolyte, polymer battery with long time, safe and reliable, is not so easy to cause safety accidents, such as expansion pack while 606090 polymer batteries on the market now is widely used, but there are still a lot of friend to the 606090 polymer battery not known to us, what we said today is 606090 polymer batteries, lithium polymer battery 606090 advantages and disadvantages.

606090 refers to the battery 6 mm thick, 60 mm wide, 90 mm long. Nominal capacity ( More than six hundred mAh) The same initial capacity with actual test: more than 660 mah mah660mah 605 than 605 mah on the actual situation can high capacity electrode materials increase the initial capacity to reduce electrode stability by the knot to recycle things dozens of high capacity battery

606090 battery capacity

606090 battery is the most conventional capacity reach 2940 ma, there are some brand skillful manufacture 606090 polymer battery manufacturers can achieve 3000 mah, achieve the goal of super-long standby. Now also have a quick charge technology, charge time soon.

606090 polymer batteries

1. Batteries have consistency

606090 lithium polymer batteries in addition is a solid polymer electrolyte, rather than a liquid electrolyte, and other lithium battery are basically identical.

polymer electrolyte material is made from a mix of power law fluid different kinds of plastic film, in the main body of power law fluid in the polymers such as polyethylene oxide as solvent of does not move. The advantages of lithium polymer battery can be made into casual style and is relatively light, this is a given that it does not contain heavy metals and can't keep the electrolyte leakage plastic shell.

2。 Safe and practical

a metal aluminum material appearance package won't like lithium battery pack explosion accident operation

3. High battery storage space, and can be a long time to use the

idealized state of lithium polymer battery storage space is more than one thousand milliampere/h, and more safe and reliable. Solid electrolyte as a suspected glue sealing, in the process of charging is not so easy to just naturally collapse.

4。 The wide range of applications

energy storage class ( Communication base station power supply, green energy storage, state grid electric power energy storage, optical storage system in the home, etc. ) Dynamic class ( Electric transport, electric bicycle, new energy vehicles, etc. ) Digital class ( Smart phones, tablets, laptops, electric toy car, MP3 / MP4, headphones, cell phone charging treasure, rc planes, mobile charger, etc. )

606090 polymer battery defect

1. Low energy density

general polymer battery capacity has reached around 2940 mah, so calculate down energy density about five hundred Wh/L, and the energy density of the polymer battery production at present stage can be close to six hundred Wh/L.

2。 Poor heat dissipation sex

carbon layer heat less than aluminum foil, so do coating for tape speed and baking temperature appropriate fine-tuning

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