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What are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium polymer batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-14

polymer batteries was a kind of form part of the power lithium batteries. Lithium ion form of the second rechargeable battery is like this: polymer batteries + self protection of circuit board. , he is a rechargeable battery in the battery components. Polymer batteries, the product quality can directly decide the quality of the rechargeable battery, and used in battery industry known as batteries, lithium polymer batteries. The difference between the polymer batteries and traditional power lithium battery is in the production process. Lithium batteries are bound together, and volume calculation is relatively soft. Polymer is will overlap and become, hard. The same volume of polymer and lithium battery, polymer battery capacity is bigger, about more than three hundred percent. At the same time, more safe and reliable, small explosion hazard.

so what are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium polymer batteries?

lithium polymer batteries unique

1. Charge and discharge of power under the same voltage limiting current than polymer batteries, which means the output performance of lithium-ion batteries good power can be used in some instantaneous large current device can guarantee the stability of the system.

2。 Using range: mobile emergency power, MP3, mobile speakers, portable speakers, car navigation device ( GPS) , smart phones, children's toys and other electronic equipment.

3。 Flexible combination: parallel, serial, the number of different polymer lithium battery batteries according to the combination of the basic way is very simple it can be done very diverse battery pack, fully meet the needs of the different.

4。 Small internal resistance, polymer lithium battery cell internal resistance under 35 m Ω in general case, dropped sharply since the power consumption of the battery, and increased the safety of the battery safe use.

5。 No memory effect, polymer lithium battery pack batteries to power lithium batteries, there is no memory effect.

6。 High voltage: 8650 lithium battery voltage generally in 3 cases. 6 v, 3。 8 v and 4. 2 v, far higher than 1 nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. 2 v voltage.

7。 High safety: a qualified polymer lithium battery pack batteries was carried out according to the following content to safety inspection:

( 1) Fault: no fire, no explosion

( 2) Charging: no fire, no explosion

( 3) High hit phone, not an explosion phenomenon

( 4) Put gas in the fire burning, won't produce explosion phenomenon

( 4) At high temperatures ( Within the scope of the temperature as high as 80 degrees) Won't explosion phenomenon

8. With long cycle: charging charging and discharging cycle frequency and number of more than five hundred times.

9。 Generally high battery capacity, battery capacity is 1200 mah - 3000 mah, common battery capacity is 2300 mah Two thousand six hundred mah.

10。 Low price comparison: for polymer batteries, lithium polymer batteries battery price is relatively lower.

lithium polymer batteries shortcomings

1. Peak current have no lithium batteries, big in the case of a certain need for a large current is somewhat short

2. Recession: all of the power lithium batteries battery capacity will gradually decline, safe use and safety, the environment temperature is closely related to the frequency and number.

3。 Recycling difficult: basically are not recycled.

4。 Intolerance over charge and discharge: when charging, excessive insert lithium ion will long-term fixed in the crystal structure, there is no way to release, can cause cell cycle short.

a charge and discharge, the metal electrodes embedded excess lithium ion, can cause the crystal structure collapse, thus greatly shorten the life cycle.

5。 Not flexible: since the style and size of basically already fixed, therefore it is difficult to have a flexible diversified polymer batteries, perhaps, this is also unique, specifications stationary represents replaceable.

6。 Easy explosion, the battery capacity in general cases and up and down in the eight hundred MAH lithium batteries is not stable in short circuit fault and the outside world exploded and its relatively harsh environment is very easy to short-circuit fault surface layer of metal shell in lithium batteries explosion when highly destructive

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