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What are the advantages of polymer lithium batteries? Introduction to the seven advantages of polymer lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-22

With the continuous improvement and maturity of battery technology, polymer lithium batteries are used in various industries and occupy a leading position in the fields of RC remote control vehicles, aircraft models and drones. Most remote control vehicles and aircraft Both UAVs and UAVs use polymer lithium batteries. At present, polymer lithium batteries have also achieved good results in electric vehicles and other industries, and their use is expanding to other industries.

So what is the charm of polymer lithium batteries, which have won so many industry favors? Let's understand the seven advantages of polymer lithium batteries.

Advantage 1. Good safety performance

The structure of polymer lithium battery adopts aluminum-plastic soft packaging, which is different from the metal shell of liquid battery. In the event of a safety hazard, liquid batteries are prone to explosion, while polymer batteries can only blow up at best.

Advantage two, thin thickness

Ordinary liquid lithium battery pack adopts the method of customizing the shell first, and then plugging the positive and negative materials, and the thickness is below 3.6mm There is a technical bottleneck, polymer batteries do not have this problem, and the thickness can be less than 1mm, which is in line with the current demand for mobile phones.

Advantage three, light weight

The weight of the polymer battery is 40% lighter than the steel shell lithium battery of the same capacity and 20% lighter than the aluminum shell battery.

Advantage four, large capacity

The capacity of polymer lithium battery is 10~15% higher than that of steel shell battery of the same size and higher than aluminum shell battery 5~10%, becoming the first choice for color screen mobile phones and MMS mobile phones.

Advantage 5. Small internal resistance

The internal resistance of polymer batteries is smaller than that of ordinary liquid batteries. The internal resistance of domestic polymer batteries is currently It can even be below 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery and prolongs the standby time of the mobile phone, which can completely reach the level in line with international standards.

Advantage six, shape can be customized

Polymer lithium battery can increase or decrease the thickness of the battery cell according to the needs of customers, and develop new battery cell models. The price is cheap, the mold opening cycle is short, and some can even be tailored to the shape of the mobile phone to make full use of the battery shell space and increase the battery capacity.

Advantage seven, good discharge characteristics

Polymer lithium battery adopts gel electrolyte, which has stable discharge characteristics and higher than liquid electrolyte. The discharge platform.

It is precisely the advantages of polymer lithium batteries in terms of safety performance, thickness, weight, capacity, internal resistance, shape, and discharge characteristics, which enable lithium batteries to be widely used in drones, remote control models and other fields. Use, and continue to expand the field of application. I believe that polymer lithium batteries can be used more in all aspects of our lives in the future.

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