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What are the advantages of solid-state lithium batteries?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-24

From the perspective of technical potential, it is relatively difficult to increase the energy density of ternary power lithium batteries, and it is more feasible in theory to increase the energy density of all-solid-state lithium batteries. First, the voltage platform of all solid-state lithium batteries has increased. Solid electrolytes generally have a wider electrochemical window than organic electrolytes, which is conducive to further improving the energy density of batteries; second, solid electrolytes can block the growth of lithium dendrites, and the range of material application systems is large. The improvement lays the foundation for a new type of lithium battery technology with higher energy density space. Third, the current energy density of all-solid-state lithium batteries is about 400Wh/Kg, and the estimated maximum potential value is 900Wh/Kg, with more than 100% room for improvement. Solid-state lithium batteries are bound to be mainstream products in the future.

Solid-state lithium battery: High safety, can greatly reduce the spontaneous combustion rate of vehicles. In recent years, there have been many spontaneous combustion accidents of new energy vehicles at home and abroad, and the use of new energy vehicles has become more and more concerned. The main reason lies in the problem of power batteries (mainly ternary lithium). The electrical safety, functional safety, chemical safety, and mechanical safety of ternary lithium batteries are still ineffective. Generally speaking, the liquid electrolyte of ternary lithium battery pack is flammable and explosive, and it is easy to trigger 'thermal runaway' during long-term use. The growth of lithium dendrites easily pierce the diaphragm during charging and discharging, causing short circuits in the battery and posing safety hazards. However, the all-solid-state lithium battery pack has extremely high safety. Its solid-state electrolyte is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-volatile, and non-leakage. It also overcomes the phenomenon of lithium dendrites. The probability of spontaneous combustion of cars equipped with all-solid-state lithium batteries will be greatly reduce.

Based on the comparison of the above products, technology, safety, etc., all-solid-state lithium batteries have absolute advantages in terms of safety and technical potential, but ternary lithium batteries have considerable product maturity and market penetration. Advantage. On the whole, the current use of ternary lithium battery is the most wise choice for pure electric vehicles. However, once the all-solid-state lithium battery pack solves the problems of poor stability of metal lithium, it will break out a strong product substitution force, or will subvert the power battery industry pattern.

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