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What are the balancing methods for lithium battery packs?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-18

packs have been used frequently in the market and in various fields, bringing many benefits to our lives, industry, etc. Of course, the most important link in the charging and discharging process of lithium battery pack packs is the balance link. , Because you need to ensure that the output of the lithium battery pack and the output are reasonable to each battery, the two most common methods of lithium battery pack balancing are energy-consumption equalization and transfer-energy equalization.

pack energy-consumption equalization, as the name implies, is to use resistors to drain the excess power of a certain high-voltage battery in the lithium battery pack. The cost of this method of balancing is relatively low, and the design is relatively simple. It can play a certain role when the voltage between the single lithium batteries in the lithium battery pack cannot reach the same level, but relatively, this method is also more balanced. It is prone to failure, and the temperature emitted by the lithium battery is higher when it is balanced. And there is one thing, because the capacitance of each single cell in the lithium battery pack is not the same, so each time the battery is charged, the battery with a smaller capacity will quickly reach saturation. Because the battery with a larger capacity is still being charged, the capacity Smaller lithium batteries will be balanced, and the power will be consumed in a form similar to the amount of discharge. It will continue to cycle until the large-capacity battery is saturated. So you can imagine that the overall performance of the smaller-capacity battery will be greatly reduced over time. , This is the same reason as the performance degradation of our mobile phone battery for a long time. Therefore, the energy consumption balance of lithium battery packs has great disadvantages.

The energy transfer equilibrium of the lithium battery pack is also well understood, that is, the higher energy lithium battery in the battery pack is transferred to the lower energy lithium battery pack. This kind of equalization is really practical at first glance. , But in actual situations, the current energy transfer balance is not very perfect, because this way of balance does not transfer energy by detecting the voltage of a single cell, but transfers energy by battery capacity. When a high-energy battery transfers energy to a low-energy battery, because the equalization current and charging current are fixed and uncontrollable, the low-capacity battery may reach overcharge during the transfer, and the lithium battery pack protection board is Will work to stop charging, so the entire cycle will be terminated.

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