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What are the eight major defects of lithium iron phosphate batteries?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-15

Lithium iron phosphate battery, as one of the most popular lithium batteries in the market, has its own shortcomings. Defects mainly include defects in its own materials and defects in market applications. Let me talk about the specific aspects of the eight major defects of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

1. Material characteristics defects of lithium iron phosphate battery

1. Although the cycle life of the single cell is relatively long, the life of the battery pack will be due to The technical strength of manufacturers is different and there is a big gap.

The life of the battery pack is significantly lower than that of a single unit. The lifespan of a single battery of lithium iron phosphate battery is long, about 2000 times, but the life of lithium iron phosphate battery pack is short, generally about 500 times.

2. There are potential safety hazards.

In the process of battery manufacturing and recycling, elemental iron will be produced. The accumulation of iron will easily puncture the battery diaphragm, and the risk of internal short circuit is high.

3. Not resistant to abuse

Compared with lead acid, the cathode material has poor conductivity and high internal resistance. The overcharge acceptance is low, and the starting performance is far inferior to that of lead-acid.

4. Poor low-temperature performance

When the temperature is below 0 degrees, the capacity drops quickly, and the cycle performance at low temperatures is extremely poor. Lithium iron phosphate battery is mainly composed of positive electrode material, negative electrode material, separator, and electrolyte. Lithium iron phosphate batteries in a low temperature environment have the characteristics of decreased discharge voltage plateau, low discharge capacity, fast capacity decay, and poor rate performance.

At low temperatures, the activity of the cathode material decreases, so that the number of lithium ions that can move and bring about the discharge current decreases, which is the fundamental reason for the decrease in capacity.

At low temperatures, in the positive and negative materials, the diffusion and movement ability of charged ions becomes poor, and it becomes difficult to pass through the passivation film of the electrode and the electrolyte, and the transmission speed in the electrolyte is also reduced. A lot of extra heat will be generated during the transfer process. After lithium ions reach the negative electrode, the diffusion inside the negative electrode material also becomes unsmooth. Throughout the process, the movement of the charged particles has become difficult. From the outside, it is the internal resistance of the battery that has increased.

Due to the presence of a high melting point solvent in the mixed solvent of the lithium battery electrolyte, the viscosity of the lithium ion battery electrolyte increases in a low temperature environment. When the temperature is too low, the electrolyte solidification phenomenon will occur, resulting in a lithium iron phosphate battery The transfer rate in the electrolyte is reduced.

5. Low energy density and low tap density.

6. Low capacity under the same weight and volume, not suitable for small monomers.

7. Large volume and heavy weight.

8. Poor conductivity: the diffusion rate of lithium ions is slow, and the actual specific capacity is low when charging and discharging at high times.

II. Application defects of lithium iron phosphate battery market

1. High price

Lithium iron phosphate battery, as an emerging new energy lithium battery pack, has the strength to manufacture and produce There are not many manufacturers, and the suppliers of raw materials are limited. These two reasons directly make their prices more expensive in the market than alternative lithium batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate battery raw materials are relatively high, so the technical requirements for production equipment are high. There are fewer battery raw material manufacturers that can purchase equipment, and the market is short, and the price is naturally high.

Lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturing equipment, a set of production line equipment was put into construction, all with a unit of 100 million yuan, there are not many manufacturers of lithium batteries that can withstand, naturally there are good quality iron phosphates on the market Lithium batteries will be more expensive.

2. High process cost

At present, domestic manufacturers of lithium iron phosphate batteries are still relatively high in automation, and many processes are still completed manually, while the manufacturers of lithium batteries are large Most of them are in developed coastal areas, where labor costs are relatively high.

3. Patent fees are expensive

Several important invention patents of lithium iron phosphate batteries are registered abroad, and domestic production of lithium iron batteries requires more expensive patents to be delivered to foreign registrars. cost. This undoubtedly makes the iron-lithium battery pack market more expensive.

The above are the shortcomings of lithium iron phosphate batteries compared to other batteries. I hope to help everyone.

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