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What are the material requirements for military lithium battery production?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-22

The continuous progress and maturity of lithium battery processing technology has reduced the processing cost of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can be widely used in various fields such as power vehicles, energy storage equipment, military equipment, and medical machinery. The advancement of lithium battery pack technology will not only accelerate the development of digital products, but will also promote the development of national defense and military industry and telecommunications technology.

The application of military lithium battery covers land (personal soldier system, army combat vehicle, military communication equipment), sea (submarine, underwater robot), air (unmanned reconnaissance aircraft), sky (satellite, Spacecraft) and many other arms. The energy density, battery life, volume and weight of military equipment power supplies are important factors affecting the combat capability of the army. Military lithium batteries have high energy density, small size, light weight, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, and low temperature. It has many advantages such as good performance, reliable use, low maintenance cost, fast charging, long discharge time of large current and so on. It is the first choice for military equipment power supply.

The design requirements of military lithium batteries are much more stringent than civilian batteries. The specific requirements for military lithium batteries are as follows: High safety: In the case of high-strength impacts and blows, the battery must be safe and will not cause Personal injuries. High reliability: It is necessary to ensure that the lithium battery is effective and reliable during use. High environmental adaptability: It is necessary to ensure that it can be used normally under different climatic conditions, high-intensity electromagnetic environment, high/low atmospheric pressure environment, high radioactive radiation environment and high salinity environment.

Expanding the application of special equipment of lithium batteries has become a new growth point. The application of lithium-ion batteries in various fields of special equipment has gradually spread. Among them, in the fields of communication equipment, portable equipment, small drones, etc., lithium-ion batteries have become the absolute dominant energy storage equipment; at the same time, lithium ion

Sub-batteries are also gradually entering the fields of underwater equipment and vehicle equipment. The application of battery energy storage systems represented by lithium-ion batteries in special fields can increase equipment concealment, improve equipment reliability, increase endurance and navigation time, and reduce logistics requirements related to fuel support.

For small lithium batteries (such as mobile phone batteries), it requires the positive and negative active materials to have the highest possible electrochemical specific capacity, so as to ensure the higher capacity of the lithium battery, so in the positive The choice of anode material mainly considers the electrochemical specific capacity of the material.

For medium-sized and large-scale lithium batteries, it requires the positive and negative active materials to have the highest possible electrochemical specific capacity. Under the working principle of lithium batteries, it is necessary to have excellent reliability and safety. Therefore, while considering the electrochemical specific capacity of the materials in the selection of positive and negative electrodes, the safety of the materials is mainly concerned.

For military lithium batteries, while the battery has high energy, the safety of the battery during use is also very important. Current research work shows that the further improvement of the electrochemical performance and safety performance of lithium batteries mainly depends on the improvement of cathode materials. Modification of the cathode materials used in commercial lithium batteries or the development of new cathode materials with excellent performance is the focus of current lithium battery research and development work. The above is the design requirements of military lithium batteries. The introduction of military lithium battery materials. Military lithium batteries have very good performance, high energy density, and light weight, which can promote the development of weapons in the direction of flexibility and mobility.

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