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What are the power batteries?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-24

Power batteries mainly include: nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and lithium batteries. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of various batteries:

1. Lead-acid batteries are gradually introduced to the market due to their own performance that limits the development of power sources and lead pollution;

2. Nickel-cadmium batteries also have pot pollution and have serious memory benefits, so power batteries are basically introduced Market;

3. Ni-MH battery is an improvement of Ni-Cd battery, the specific energy can reach 60-80Wh/kg, and it has fast charging speed, basically no memory effect, no environmental pollution, and high safety. Characteristics, the current production technology of automotive power batteries is basically mature.

4. At present, in the power battery industry, nickel-metal hydride batteries dominate, while lithium iron phosphate batteries are in the early stages of industrial development.

5. Better battery performance (especially safety) and mature manufacturing technology are nickel-metal hydride batteries, which currently dominate the world's ordinary hybrid vehicle (HEV) batteries.

6. The current dominance of nickel-metal hydride power batteries is mainly because the battery energy of the existing hybrid vehicles is only 12kWh, which cannot be driven by pure electric or the battery life is less than 3km. In the longer term, NiMH cannot be applied to PHEV and EV. Mainly because:

The specific energy and energy density of Ni-MH cannot meet the requirements of PHEV and EV; the price of raw material Ni (OH) is higher, and the cost of manufacturing large-energy batteries will be higher; the development of nickel-hydrogen battery technology is basically Mature, the space for battery performance improvement and cost reduction is very limited.

7. Compared with nickel-metal hydride batteries, the advantages of lithium-ion batteries are mainly embodied in:

High specific energy and energy density, which is about twice that of nickel-metal hydride batteries, which can greatly improve the endurance and power of electric vehicles. Higher, low self-discharge, and no memory effect, these features can improve the convenience of using electric vehicles; the cost of raw materials is low; the room for technological improvement is large, and the room for cost reduction is large.

Ni-MH battery is currently the main choice of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery due to its mature technology and good safety, but it is difficult to meet the demand for higher electrification; lithium battery pack is the best choice for next-generation electric vehicle batteries. It is expected that in the next three years or so, it will replace Ni-MH and become the mainstream of electric vehicle batteries.

Domestic companies have a relatively small window of opportunity in the nickel-hydrogen power battery market. Japanese companies have established an absolute dominant industrial chain advantage from hybrid electric vehicles to nickel-hydrogen power batteries; the scale of the nickel-hydrogen power battery market continues to grow The time window is only about 3 years; and the total capacity of the nickel-metal hydride market is limited, and it is estimated that it will not exceed 2 billion US dollars during the peak period.

Various green vehicle technologies will coexist and complement each other for a long time, considering the maturity of technology and the potential for energy saving and emission reduction, electric vehicles, especially plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and pure electric vehicles (EV) It is likely to become the most important technological path in the medium and long term (2015-2030).

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