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What are the safety factors of mobile power that affect polymer battery cells?

by:dcfpower     2021-02-22
Polymer batteries are safer than lithium batteries. The outer packaging of polymer batteries is generally made of aluminum plastic film. In the event of a short circuit or other abnormalities, the inside will swell, breaking through the hot melt and venting, generally there will be no explosion accident, but when the battery is severely short-circuited Fire and smoke occurred, so the battery itself did not explode. The explosion was caused by the explosion of other parts due to the burning of the battery. (1) Internal factors affecting the safety of polymer batteries. There are two forms of internal short circuit in polymer lithium ion batteries: One is that the current collector of the cathode and anode breaks through the electrolyte diaphragm during the process of lamination and soft packaging of the battery, and physical contact occurs to form a short circuit, which is called a physical short circuit; It is the local electronic conduction caused by the chemical change of the electrode active material and the electrolyte diaphragm material during the charge and discharge cycle of the battery, which is called a chemical short circuit. (2) External factors affecting the safety of polymer batteries. One is overcharge and overdischarge. The mismatch between the charger and the mobile power supply can easily cause the battery to be overcharged, and the possibility of expansion of the polymer lithium battery pack will increase. When the battery is charged and discharged, the internal temperature of the battery continues to heat up, the gas generated during the activation process expands, the internal pressure of the battery increases, and the pressure reaches a certain level. If the outer shell is damaged, it will rupture, causing fire or even explosion; the second is edge sealing protection. The interlayer of the aluminum-plastic composite film outer packaging material on the edge-sealing surface is made of pure aluminum, which has good electrical conductivity. Reliable insulation and isolation measures must be taken during use to prevent it from forming a short circuit with external components, which is likely to cause battery cells. Internal corrosion, flatulence; third, external short circuit. The positive electrode (or negative electrode) of the cell is short-circuited with the aluminum layer in the aluminum-plastic composite film material of the outer packaging of the cell. As the application of mobile power becomes more and more widespread, people have higher and higher requirements for the capacity and safety of mobile power. How to ensure the safety of the mobile power supply while ensuring the capacity of the mobile power supply has also become a problem for designers. It is believed that with the advancement of material technology and people's understanding of the requirements of mobile power design, manufacturing and use, the future large-capacity mobile power will become safer. u003c/pu003e
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