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What are the types of batteries for remote control cars? What chargers are used for batteries for remote control cars

by:dcfpower     2021-03-13

Remote control car, that is, remote control model car, the English name is RC-Car. Drivers who play remote control car know that this is a reduced version of the real car prototype. The ratio of common models is 1/8 and 1/10. Then the battery for remote control car is particularly important for electric remote control car. So what are the types of batteries used in remote control cars? In addition, what kind of charger should be used for these remote control car batteries?

Types of batteries used in remote control cars:

NiCd, nickel-cadmium battery, old type, low cost, low capacity, large pollution, with memory effect, now can only be found in some cheap car kits, strongly not recommended.

NiMh, nickel-metal hydride batteries, in AA and AAA batteries, nimh is definitely the mainstream, but in the battery of the remote control model, it definitely feels cheap and old.

LiPo, lithium polymer battery, is the mainstream type in the current model, widely used, and a variety of models are dazzling.

LiFe, lithium iron battery, is not too mainstream. It is generally used in remote control, or in petrol cars to receive electricity, but it is rarely used as power for electric cars.

Currently, there are mainly two types of secondary batteries in use on the market: nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) and lithium-ion (Li-ion). Lithium-ion batteries have been mass-produced liquid lithium-ion batteries (LiB) and polymer lithium-ion batteries (LiP). Therefore, in many cases, the battery marked with Li-ion must be a lithium battery pack. But it is not necessarily a liquid lithium-ion battery, it may also be a polymer lithium-ion battery.

is an improved product of lithium battery pack. Lithium batteries have existed a long time ago, but lithium is a highly active metal (remember its position in the periodic table?). It is not safe to use and often burns and bursts during charging. In fact, later there was an improved lithium battery pack, adding ingredients that inhibit the active lithium element (such as cobalt, manganese, etc.) so that the lithium battery pack is truly safe, efficient, and convenient, and the old lithium battery will follow. Basically eliminated. As for how to distinguish between them, it can be identified from the battery logo, lithium batteries are Li and lithium ion batteries are Li-ion.

Remote control car battery charger:

Remote control car battery needs to be charged, and the charger is also exquisite. Generally, a charger with a balanced charging function is used.

Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, after the use of lithium batteries, as the voltage drops, there will be voltage differences between different cells. Therefore, we all recommend using the lithium battery balance charging mode to charge the lithium batteries.

The balance current of the lithium battery is when the series charger is charged, the small white balance plug unique to the lithium battery is used to transfer power between the cells (the high voltage is transferred to the low voltage) to achieve balance The purpose of voltage and voltage, and the delivery of electricity is realized in the form of current. The larger the balance current is, the faster the balance will be. Otherwise, it is slow.

In the choice of charger brand, choose those old brands as much as possible. For example, Grignard’s IMAX B6 multifunctional lithium battery intelligent balance charger, IMAX B6 balance charge is suitable for LI-ION (lithium ion battery), LI-POLY (lithium polymer battery), LI-FE (lithium iron battery), NICD ( Nickel-cadmium batteries) NIMH (nickel-metal hydride batteries) and PB (lead-acid batteries), covering mainstream models of rechargeable batteries, such as car models, ship models, and aircraft models.

Power battery is an important part of remote control model car accessories. At present, the mainstream is lithium polymer battery, and the variety is complete, and it is most suitable as a remote control car battery. In the battery charger, a smart charger with balanced charging function should be selected.

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