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What brand of good quality 18650 lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-20

18650 cells usually divided into two classes, one is the capacity of the battery, another kind is power battery, I don't know what you use in the area, demand which kind of, respectively to explain it to you. Again analyze 18650 lithium batteries, by the way what brand of good quality.

capacity battery, refer to the section size of battery capacity, usually batteries in the battery, more than 3000 ma but the battery capacity is relatively small, suitable for mobile power supply, hand lamps, such as sustainable utilization time is long, but the current devices, special request is not high. Usually brand sanyo, sung. Raytheon, etc. , have a treasure to sell. 2 power battery, battery capacity is not very high, 2000 - 2400ma。 But the battery discharge is large, can reach 5 c discharge, even 3 c. The batteries used in the current relatively large equipment, such as electric cars, and some hardware tools, power battery myself in electric vehicle with Mars, a Chinese brand. What do you use in the region.

choose a lithium battery pack, of course, is to choose, shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Only do lithium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries both large varieties of battery is quite rich and mass production, production integration process can be experienced and type is various, you name it. If pure than lithium electricity, shenzhen battery won a lot of manufacturer of battery in shenzhen, and meizhou self-built production base in shenzhen, all is the national high and new technology enterprise, has more than 1000 employees, the nissan 400000, 300000 HA, lithium-ion batteries production of batteries can be exported to overseas.

what brand lithium batteries are of good quality and excellent lithium battery pack manufacturer, nickel metal hydride battery source manufacturers recommend

shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Was set up 19 years, eyes with custom design to provide clients with rechargeable batteries, and very bernays battery custom development solutions, services have already all over the European and American countries, mainland southeast Asia and mainland China, continuing to brand for portable, mobile electronic devices manufacturers and export trade companies, manufacturers, traders ( And super electronics hardware development and design) , large supermarket goods shop at home and abroad, and Chinese mainland cross-border electricity business of foreign trade to provide superior products and services. Science and technology has always focused on portable. Mobile electronic machinery and equipment and research and development of energy storage batteries used in the product customization, including the consumer digital batteries, medical battery, the handset battery, etc, lighting lamps and lanterns of the battery. Power tools battery, bluetooth intelligent toothbrush battery, underwater vacuum cleaner battery operation.

the advantages of technology battery

1. 18650 advanced production design department, the development of a fast figure

very professional production development and design of battery engineer over 20 years experience in design and development, professor. As on the one hand, according to the small make up understand there is a professional research and development department, design of drawing production success within a week. At the same time with total quality supervision system, more than one thousand employees all involved in the battery parts quality inspection and supervision.

2。 18650 battery leakage proof design closely

these check valve on the safety and reliability of battery box independent design, using automatic initial dry and can remove the relief valve, the valve has the function of the common battery checks rehydration, and have sealed battery discharge sealing function, make the battery in the process of charging and discharging water loss less, sealed reaction efficiency is higher, use not only has a large capacity on electric bikes, drainage, gas recombination function is high, and when if need maintenance, can be easily uninstalled relief valve for maintenance

3. 18650 lithium batteries lightweight structure design

use high-energy type aluminum-plastic film plastic flexible packaging, lithium battery pack energy density is high, the reasonable and effective to enhance the service life of the electronic equipment, a long life. Standard two thousand mah high capacity batteries, performance is stable, wide range of environment temperature, resistant to over charge discharge, long service life, etc.

4. 18650 lithium battery service life is long, high temperature resistant low temperature

production of custom battery capacity of basic it is also can be very big, at the same time have good environmental adaptability, below zero in cold summer weather conditions, temperature is 20 ℃ or cold region can keep good running performance parameters. Large capacity to use the patent technology structure design, the efficient use of the internal structure of the largest space development batteries.

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