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What is 14500 lithium batteries, lithium batteries advantages and disadvantages of 14500

by:dcfpower     2020-11-14

14500 lithium batteries with ecological and environmental protection, environmental friendly, good safety factor, long service life, high energy density, and the advantages of safe and reliable, is the ideal of a new generation of lithium ion battery cathode material. Further in 14500 lithium batteries in high-power uninterruptible power supply, power battery, power tool accessories, get widely used in electric cars, even if 14500 lithium battery pack so fire, there are still a lot of people are actually don't understand what, 14500 lithium-ion batteries is that today we lithium battery manufacturer with everyone take a look at what is 14500 lithium-ion batteries, 14500 lithium-ion batteries advantages and disadvantages.

what is the 14500 lithium batteries

14500 lithium battery means for 14 mm in diameter, height is 50 mm of lithium batteries, the batteries of raw materials can be divided into lithium iron phosphate batteries and cobalt acid lithium batteries. Normally the nominal voltage of the battery is 3. 7 v。 Cobalt acid lithium battery voltage 3. 7 v, lithium iron phosphate battery voltage 3. 2V。 Using lithium battery ac voltage stabilizer can set the voltage to 3. 0 v。 Because of its appearance size is the same as AA5 # battery, 1 14500 lithium batteries and 1 placeholder barrels of mutual cooperation, can be used for two AA batteries. Relative to the nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries with lighter weight, less self-discharge, discharge the advantages of using superior performance, so 14500 lithium batteries was photography fans are widely used in digital SLR camera and electronic cigarettes, for nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

14500 lithium batteries

1. Total weight is lighter, the whole body space become bigger

monomer ratio energy is higher, so the battery monomer required for the same energy by reducing the number of a third, remarkably reduce the difficulty of the system management will also reduce the battery using the number of metal structure and electrical accessories, and strengthen to greatly reduce the total weight of lithium battery. The whole body than energy will be part of the improvement. Cobalt acid lithium with discharge platform bai du high, high specific capacity and system performance is good, simple synthesis process and other advantages of zhi.

2。 With better price

choose after 21700, section battery number will drastically reduced. In greatly reduce system management difficulty of remarkably reduces with the proportion of the battery Pack is chosen, the number of fittings such as metal structure and electrical fittings tesla's Pack project costs accounted for 24% of the total project cost is expected to drop in battery Pack project cost is relatively optimistic. Lithium iron phosphate does not contain harmful elements, low cost, security is very good, cycle life of up to 10000 times.

3。 Battery than energy increase

2020 power battery monomer ratio energy to conquer three hundred watts per hour/kg, power battery system than the energy of two hundred and sixty watts per hour/kg. Now do best 18650 battery can not reach the technical requirements, the vast majority of domestic battery relative density are between one hundred ~ one hundred and fifty watts per hour/kg. The ternary material in specific energy, circulation, safety, and cost can be balanced and regulation.

4。 Large capacity, low cost price

manganese acid lithium of low cost, safety, and low temperature performance is good. Acid lithium nickel with high specific capacity, low pollution, price moderate, as well as good matching with the electrolyte.

14500 lithium batteries

1. Technology is not mature stable

14500 lithium battery pack production production and processing equipment, technology is not once a day can be ready, now still cannot do not have to produce a large batch of 18650 technology fast development trend.

2。 Preferential policies in China temporarily does not support the

in addition to supply and demand market is not obvious and battery enterprise manufacturing process is relatively scarce, battery size standards related policies in China also have significant impact on the domestic battery size selection.

3。 Is less ecological and environmental protection products, the harm to the environment

cobalt acid lithium materials containing toxic relatively large cobalt element, and the price is higher, and the large power battery production safety is very difficult to guarantee. Manganese acid lithium materials itself is not so stable, easy to decompose to produce gas. Lithium nickel acid synthesis of difficult and cycle stability.

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