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What is 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, POS machine cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer

by:dcfpower     2020-10-02

everyone know ha! According to the contour points mainly cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, square ( Rectangle) And soft package battery, before both need battery shell, which accounts for a large part of the square battery. With soft package and square lithium battery, by contrast, 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, is the first commercial time, production process automation the highest technical level, lower production costs at this stage of a power battery. Cylindrical battery is usually refers to the 18650, but there are many kinds of cylindrical battery, today I will take you to get to know what is a cylindrical battery, cylindrical li-ion battery advantages and disadvantages.

what is a cylindrical battery

cylindrical battery of battery is round, we usually refers to a cylindrical battery 18560 here, cylindrical battery is analysis of the research is more, the most comprehensive technical discussion of battery. Individual mainly by the positive, negative, the diaphragm, the positive negative collector, valves, overcurrent protection devices, a mix of insulation parts and the shell together. Early steel shell, shell is more, the present stage dominated by aluminum shell. Can be divided into cobalt acid lithium batteries, lithium manganese acid battery, ternary material. Three kinds of material system the different advantages of the battery, battery widely used in: laptops, digital cameras, lighting equipment, children's toys enterprise products, pneumatic tools, portable to move the energy, and other fields.

cylindrical lithium-ion batteries advantages:

1. A single consistency is better;

in other words, you can also to large quantities of manufacturing production and processing, technology mature perfect cylindrical battery battery manufacturer day high capacity ( As a battery manufacturer for one day processing 200000 cylindrical battery)

2。 Cylindrical lithium battery pack resistance is high, the security is not easily

single itself mechanics performance is good, with square and soft package battery, by contrast, a closed cylinder under the similar size, still can obtain the highest bending strength; Sealed performance is good, not easy to explode. Mature technology, low cost, but at the same time, the production cost optimization of space also already consumed.

3。 High energy density

a single small energy, safety accidents, form is easy to control, but that too is into its reason to be replaced Then how to say, in the popular words of achievement you will destroy you, dozen deathless you will make you stronger, with their reason! )

4。 Small internal resistance

greatly reduced since the battery power consumption, increase the range of smartphones, can fully meet with the level of international standards. This kind of compatible with large discharge current polymer li-ion battery, the ideal selection of remote control model to become the most promising alternative enterprise product of nimh batteries.

5。 Use range

laptop, handheld radios, portable disc machine, instrumentation equipment, audio equipment, model aircraft aircraft, laptop, digital camera, lighting equipment, children's toys enterprise products, pneumatic tools, electronic equipment, as the important of the family of lithium battery, 18650 batteries in the early years have been widely used in consumer electronics. In recent years with the strong rise of new energy electric vehicles 18650 battery also began to be used to the new energy electric car industry.

cylindrical lithium battery pack weakness:

1. Cylindrical lithium-ion batteries a single system software level high

new energy electric vehicles in this context, the number of columns a single battery system software has been greatly, this makes the battery system software complexity, whether institutions or management, for the other two types of batteries, the production cost of system software level cylindrical battery on the high side;

2。 Increased probability of cylindrical lithium battery pack batteries features alienation

under the condition of uneven working temperature environment, higher the probability of a large number of batteries characteristics of alienation, however, why at the beginning of the design selected 18650 tesla motors, is but a helpless choice, I believe this is because a decade ago, also can make qualified to large quantities of power battery, cylindrical battery only. The battery safety and thermal management requirements, is it a powerful power electronic control system of the research.

3。 Higher energy density of space is already very small

higher energy density of space is very small already, amd the individual capacity of 4050 mah, batteries energy than 306 wh/kg, from then on don't see higher record. Within the given space, only in the above materials constantly optimized, can have a better way.

professional POS machine cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer

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