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What is 21700 lithium batteries, lithium batteries 21700 strengths and weaknesses

by:dcfpower     2020-10-31

the same as the 18650 battery, 21700 battery is cylindrical lithium battery in the category. Type 21700 lithium batteries than energy was stronger than the familiar 18650 lithium batteries, and after the combination project cost is greatly reduced. 21700 lithium battery pack has been used in new energy electric vehicle, the development trend of new energy vehicles, the more fierce, especially the new energy car competition between each other, in order to better apply consumer demand, it is in battery design and use of good intention. Screening 21700 lithium batteries, not its absolute performance than other models, is the conclusion of high polymer chemical and the economic benefit of the overall equality. Below we look at what is 21700 lithium-ion batteries, 21700 lithium-ion batteries advantages and disadvantages.

what is the 21700 lithium batteries

21700 lithium battery, often referred to as the actual means: 21 & ndash; Usually refers to the outer diameter cylindrical battery is 21 mm; 700 - The height of the cylindrical battery is 700 mm ( mm) 。 The same material, 21700 battery than the classic 18650 cylindrical lithium battery pack capacity of three hundred and fifty percent higher than.

21700 compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, 18650 batteries have monomer was stronger than the energy, the battery system project cost is lower, the vehicle battery pack weight is lighter, easier to automated production. 21700 unique chemical structure of the latest polymer lithium-ion batteries battery cover, to ensure the consistency between power off and put pressure, remove the battery safety accidents of three advanced core design idea; Use preliminary electroplating nickel steel battery shell, to avoid the production of metal powder crumbs, greatly reduce the battery self-discharge; Quadrupole ear structure to achieve high power discharge and explore higher performance.

21700 advantages of lithium battery pack

1. Lighter weight, the space becomes larger

monomer of high specific energy, therefore the battery monomer required for the same energy can reduce the number of a third, at the same time greatly reduced the difficulty of the system management will also reduce the battery using the number of metal structure and electrical accessories, and to further strengthen to significantly reduce the weight of the lithium battery. , the vehicle than energy will get some improvement.

2。 With better price

choose after 21700, section battery number will drastically reduced. In greatly decrease the difficulty of system management, meanwhile reduces with the proportion of the battery Pack to choose the number of fittings such as metal structure and electrical fittings, tesla's Pack project costs accounted for 24% of the total project cost is expected to drop in battery Pack project cost is relatively optimistic.

3。 Significantly enhance battery than energy

2020 power battery monomer ratio energy to conquer three hundred watts per hour/kg, power battery system than the energy of two hundred and sixty watts per hour/kg. Now do best 18650 battery can not reach the technical requirements, the vast majority of domestic battery relative density are between one hundred ~ one hundred and fifty watts per hour/kg.

21700 lithium batteries shortcomings

1. Unstable mature technology

21700 battery production and processing equipment, technology is not once a day can be ready, now also can't mass production without 18650 technology fast development trend.

2。 The national support policy has not yet support

in addition to the supply and demand market is not obvious and the insufficient battery enterprise manufacturing technology, countries in the cell size standards and relevant policies for domestic battery screen size has a significant impact.

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