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What is a 18650 batteries, the advantages and disadvantages of 18650 batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-15

what is the 18650 batteries

18650 type li-ion battery is more common in electronics equipment instrument lithium battery, is also present in the mobile power supply one of the main types of batteries, mainly is commonly cylindrical, 18 mm in diameter, height of 65. 0 mm, therefore is habitually called 18650 batteries in the battery industry.

18650 batteries advantages

1, the wide use of: mobile power supply, laptop computers, wireless walkie-talkie, portable DVD, instrumentation equipment, professional audio equipment, electric toys, model aircraft aircraft, surveillance cameras, digital cameras and other electronics equipment instruments were used.

2, tie-in combination flexible: and, series, different number of 18650 batteries more easily by means of conventional combinations can make many kinds of battery pack, fully meet different needs.

3, small internal resistance, 18650 batteries resistance generally within 35 m Ω, dropped sharply since the power consumption of the battery, and increase the use time of battery.

4, no memory: 18650 batteries belong to lithium ion battery, there would be no memory.

5, high voltage: 8650 lithium battery pack voltage is generally in 3. 6 v, 3。 8 v and 4. 2 v, far higher than 1 nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. 2 v voltage.

7, long service life: charge discharge cycle frequency is greater than 500 times. Storage capacity is 1200 mah - commonly 3000 mah, common storage capacity is 2200 mah 2600mAh。

8, cheap: for polymer batteries, the price of 18650 batteries is relatively low.

18650 batteries shortcomings

1. Recession: all of the lithium ion battery storage capacity will gradually decline, and the frequency of usage, working temperature.

2。 Recycling difficult: basic not recycled.

3。 Intolerance over charge and discharge: when charging, excessive embedded lithium ion can permanently fixed in the crystal structure, there is no way to set free and can cause short battery life. After discharge, electrodes embedded excess lithium ion, can cause the collapse of the crystal structure, thus shortens life.

4。 Not flexible: as the basic of the shape and size of the already fixed, therefore it is difficult to have flexible and changeful polymer batteries, of course, it is also a advantage, specifications stationary means can be replaced.

18650 and polymer which good

18650 and polymer which fortunately, from the perspective of buyers will be more inclined to polymer battery, will have the chance of it burning rate smaller 18650 batteries, while 18650 wrong operation will be burning explosion of security risks, so sometimes maybe before 18650 and polymer which good, more people choose polymer.

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