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What is a 18650 battery, choose good quality large capacity 18650 lithium batteries method

by:dcfpower     2020-11-24

18650 cells through more than ten years of rapid development, has experienced the 18650 18650 nimh battery and lithium ion battery to the present 18650 lithium iron phosphate batteries, electric capacity from one thousand 18650 mah continuously improve, the use of 18650 performance has no 18650 lithium ion batteries, the vast majority of enterprise customers are all will pick 18650 lithium ion batteries, that today we say what is 18650 battery, choose good quality large capacity 18650 lithium battery.

what is a 18650 battery

18650 batteries and can be divided into two kinds of battery is 18650 lithium-ion batteries, another is 18650 nimh batteries. 18650 nimh battery voltage is 1. 2 v, common capacity is one thousand mah to two thousand nine hundred mah, maximum capacity can reach 3100 mah, this is the single section of nimh batteries to see, nickel metal hydride battery capacity increase, of course, is also can be implemented based on the parallel manner. The working voltage of nimh batteries to 1. 2 v, lithium battery voltage 3. 7 v, the lithium battery has a better discharge discharge performance

18650 nimh battery sales market is at the beginning, but mainly because of the emergence of lithium ion battery, 18650, in terms of use nimh batteries competitive advantage is too significant, so are almost replaced.

now normally nimh battery capacity can reach two thousand nine hundred mah ( Here - H, good times mAh for mainland China r mAh) , the meeting after a long time not to use corrosion leakage all mild irritating and damaging liquids ( Will have a harm to human body or destroyed using the battery device) , and lithium battery pack in the improper use may burn or explosion. Relative to the nimh battery is the most safe and reliable.

nimh batteries mainly because the technology mature and perfect and safety performance is good, is so far hybrid cars ( HEV) Battery main options, but cannot reach a higher level of electric market demand;

18650 nickel metal hydride batteries shortcomings

1. Energy than density difference

nimh than energy and energy density or cannot meet the PHEV, EV specified requirements; Also is a symbol of the storage capacity of battery is low, if use before long will be no electricity

2. Compared with lithium battery needs to be improved

nimh battery technology rapid development almost mature and perfect, battery performance increase and decline in the cost, the space is very limited.

3。 Higher prices of raw materials cost

raw material nickel ( 哦) , the price is higher, battery manufacturing large energy cost may be higher;

18650 nickel metal hydride batteries

1. Using a wide range of

: widely used in various electronic devices technology found in high-end light flashlight, carrying power, wireless network data com, electrical heating thermal underwear, shoes, instrumentation equipment, handheld portable lighting lamps and lanterns, handheld copier, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

2. Long cycle life

18650 nimh battery warranty period is long, cycle life can reach five hundred times or so normal use, is about 2 times the normal cells.

3。 High safety performance

use ultra high temperature resistant performance is good, sixty-five - degree conditions to devolve electricity efficiency up to one thousand percent. Short-circuit phenomenon may have dropped to the perfect acme, also can be installed to protect the outermost layers board.

choose good quality large capacity 18650 lithium batteries method

1. Avoid fakes, especially that some fake feeling strong light flashlight batteries, very unqualified batteries, battery capacity may be short of standard, since the main equipment are all fake, most battery is also a lot of times the refurbishment of goods, high risk!

2。 Avoid cheap supply of goods and artificially high capacity battery, so inform everyone, battery don't buy less than 10, 18650 that have such a good thing, at the same time also don't buy more than four thousand recommend her capacity of the battery, all of them are mouthy, so far do the maximum capacity of more than three thousand.

3。 Sales so far most excellent battery would spread to sell on the market, this kind of battery of deep water, proposed don't literally believe that listen to never heard of the brand, actually stability can also so a few so far! As our battery is great, hard nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium battery manufacturers.

4。 Remove the battery or processing factory, if you have a completely safe and reliable supply of goods also can buy the use performance good product, in the end is not in order to quickly make money with tens of thousands of recommend her capacity and large current novice cheat buyers quickly to make money!

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