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What is a 9 v battery, the application range of the square of 9 v battery

by:dcfpower     2020-09-30

said to 9 v battery, its small size, low self-discharge rate, some place of low power consumption for example, digital multimeter, controller, electric toys, portable electronic instrument also without it. Can deficiency is yes a 9 v battery capacity is small, without using batteries, the price is higher, even sometimes impatient to use but it will be very hard to get. Easy to leakage after a long time. Battery is more common in people life, and are very many different kinds of batteries, battery classification is usually based on the classification of functions, such as 9 v battery you may don't know much to him, today we will take you to get to know what is 9 v battery, is the square of 9 v battery number battery.

what is 9 v battery

9 v battery, known as horizon battery, packed cell is used for instrument measuring instrument power battery capacity is small, high voltage, small internal chemical reaction slow discharge current can use for a long time. , because of its internal structure to 6 of miniature sheet battery stack the name. 9 v (aka PPP3 batteries, nominal voltage As the actual output voltage slightly tall, gradually reduce)

9 v battery three types

9 v lithium battery pack:

9 v lithium battery pack, also known as 6 making laminated batteries, is made up of six oval in battery cascading to the small and medium-sized lump, can maximize the space make full use of the battery. Evaluation of the battery discharge performance, the best choice in the actual environment can better explain the performance.

9 v alkaline battery:

9 v alkaline battery, also known as 6 lr61 batteries. Composed of two kinds of forms, alkaline batteries under the condition of discharge of overloading, superior performance than carbon batteries. The cell structure of the cascade storage time at 1 - 3 years, pillar type structure storage for certain, at about 3 - The appearance of five years.

9 v nimh rechargeable battery

9 v ni-mh rechargeable batteries are divided into 9 v circular square and 9 v battery, composed of two kinds of forms, generally can reach more than 500 times, a charging circuit than carbon batteries, alkaline battery life is long, ecological environmental protection. Widely used in electric toys, remote control cars, remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

is the square of 9 v battery number battery

9 v battery is high pressure laminated batteries, generally processed into a cuboid, and the sort of cylindrical battery 1 ~ 7. Is called the number of the battery, such as, type AAA battery called 7, AA batteries & ndash; — 5, C type battery & ndash; — No. 2, D type battery & ndash; — No. 1, and so on these. 9 v battery is not included in the number of battery, is an independent body.

square of 9 v battery application

9 v battery USES key useful in alarm system, remote control cars, wireless doorbell, bluetooth headset, digital multimeter, such as enterprise products. 9 v alkaline battery is the highest output voltage is 9 v alkaline battery, suitable for big to put power and long time use. Current of battery internal resistance is low, thus produce more average manganese battery is great, and environmental mercury content only 0. 025%, do not need to recycle. 9 v battery, generally is more in business. The multimeter, for example, home appliance maintenance, as well as some special electrical use, for example the self-contained electric wire cutter has 9 v battery. The buyer form 9 v battery to buy famous brand manufacturer enterprise products, at the same time it is important to pay special attention to the production date, storage time is too long also not durable product.

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