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What is a button battery, button cell battery model table

by:dcfpower     2020-10-18

button type batteries, is one of the common people daily life battery. In the camera, the female table, student calculator, children's toys, etc. These places can often can look, see the figure of it. With its, occupy the space is little, weight is lighter, for the use of electric power for a long time, convenient features, is widely used, the main production of lithium batteries with us than its also occupies the supremacy in the battery industry. So about button cell battery, guys how much understand? We can according to their actual situation required comprehensive filtered, purchase the most suitable type of button cell battery products, we look at the below, what is a button battery, button cell battery model table.

what is the button type battery

button cell battery ( buttoncell) Also call button cell, usually refers to the three high like a small button battery, usually relatively large diameter, wall thickness is thinner, Compared with columnar cells such as industry on the market of 5 AA battery) 。 Up button cell battery in appearance design of batteries, batteries of the same matching classification with columnar cells, square battery, different shapes of batteries, button type battery model name in front of the English letters symbols express the types of batteries, the figures show that the size, the former two figures show that the diameter, express after two wall thickness.

a battery model, button type table

silver oxide button type batteries, battery is one of the most frequently used watch is female table will normally used silver oxide button cell battery. Most of new battery voltage in 1. 55 v to 1. 58, between v battery production date and shelf life is 3 years. Keep a good girl in a big boot operation table will use the most boot operation period of not less than two years. Button lithium battery pack, 3 v lithium button cell battery most used in alarm, brake machine, the place such as a laptop, some female table also equipped with a lithium battery pack. production date and shelf life for seven years, and in most cases the customer most don't need to worry about batteries.

Germany, Switzerland, silver oxide button type battery model for 3

the thickness size mm German Swiss model = Japan region model

2, common button type battery model

common typical models are: 6 making ( 9V) ,4F22( 6V) ,15F20( 22. 5V) ,10A( 9V) ,11A( 6V) ,23A( 12V) ,25A( 9V) ,26A( 6V) ,27A( 12) ,476A( 6V) ,120H7D( 8. 4V) ,2X625A( 3V) And so on the

3, button type battery model used range

1. AG3, AG10, AG13 batteries are used most in robot toys and gifts.

2。 CR2032 most types of button cell battery is used in computer motherboard.

3。 Most CR2025 button cell battery will be used in the electronic dictionary.

4。 CR2016, SR626, most SR44 button cell battery is used in the electronic watch, camera top.

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