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What is a cell, the working principle of photovoltaic effect

by:dcfpower     2020-12-13

as time goes by science technology development by leaps and bounds, photocell as lithium batteries and in everyone's life shows more and more vital role. Photocell is born v effect the light can be used to directly into electricity equipment. Considering that it is the solar energy can be directly substation can be also known as solar cells, photovoltaic cells in the aerospace, meteorological observation, the living level of animal husbandry production, and everyone got extensive application. That today we take a look at what is cell, what is the function of photocell.

what is a photocell

cell ( English name: photovoltaiccell, also note photocell generally refers to photosensitive resistance) , is a kind of induction electromotive force formed under direct light of semiconductor components. It is forming the induced electromotive force under the direct of light elements. For light electric conversion, optical detection and light energy use level. Photovoltaic cells are under the direct of light form of induction electromotive force components. For light electric conversion, optical detection and light energy use level. We started is discovery and application of selenium cell. It is the principle of selenium in light form under the action of electronic collection electrodes and formation of induction electromotive force. After the discovery and application of various photovoltaic semiconductor material, such as photodiode, silver sulfide batteries, etc. P - it is the principle of semiconductor materials N junction form new electronic - in under the action of light Hole pair, electrons and holes in the p - N junction under the action of an electric field to move to form additional potential difference on both sides of the junction.

the solar cell is produced by using semiconductor photovoltaic effect of photoelectric conversion device, it can be either as a power source, and can treat as optical detection equipment. As a power source using photovoltaic cells, is crucial can convert the sun's radiant energy to electrical energy directly, known as the solar cell. Solar cells are fuel and no moving parts, also won't emissions, with a lighter weight, work stable performance and high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long service life, no pollution etc, in the aerospace, meteorological observation, animal husbandry production and the living level of guys got extensive application.

the working principle of photovoltaic

photovoltaic physics; N type optical conductor, fertility is electronic, Jane is void. Mainly is the electron transition in photon excited donor level in the conduction band, electron as the main carrier, to strengthen the free electron density. P type optical conductor, fertility is void, Jane is electronic. Mainly photon excited electron transition in the valence band to the acceptor level, and the hole recombination in the acceptor level, and left a hole in the valence band, as a main carrier for conductive, strengthened the density of holes.

cell essence is a large-scale p-n junction, the grating optical extremely, was under the gate electrode coated with antireflective film, new pervious to light, is used to reduce the reflection, the electrode is a layer of aluminum substrate. When the direct light of the p-n junction, electron hole spread out for a short time, in the electric field under the action of a related to the intensity of the light of induction electromotive force, can appear commonly 0. 2 v ~ 0。 6 v voltage, 50 ma current.

the application range of photovoltaic effect

cell is mainly suitable for instrumentation, automation technology, telemetry and remote control level. Solar battery as energy is widely used in artificial earth satellite, the beacon, without the place such as meteorological observatory.

1。 For the place without power supply power supply

mainly for many residents living without electricity production supply of electricity, heating and microwave relay power supply, communication power supply, etc. , in addition, also involves some mobile power supply and backup power supply;

2。 Is solar daily electronic products

such as all kinds of solar charger, solar lawn lamp, solar garden light, etc. ;

3。 Is connected to the grid

the developed countries in Europe and the United States has long been large-scale promotion of implementation. Grid generation is also developing in our country, nowadays almost all over the country all the county city, electricity may be supplied by solar power and wind power.

4。 Cell can be used in family electrical equipment

as today already gradually universal access to solar power, solar air-conditioning equipment, solar phone flat TV, solar household refrigerator

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