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What is a computer batteries, laptop battery price how many money

by:dcfpower     2020-11-26

laptop is one of the stuff for everybody now from time to time, many people in the shop in large supermarket buy laptops are asked about the machine in the process of configuration. Will certainly be asked about computer batteries in the battery is what what what brand of, concerned about the machine configuration and about how much money is the basic price is the customer's consulting is one of the problem, that today we take a look at what is a computer batteries, laptop lithium battery price how many money.

what is a computer batteries

laptop battery is the essence of its operating flexibility and stability performance, mainstream laptops standard rechargeable battery operating system. Rechargeable battery operating system mainly include rechargeable batteries and power management system, etc. The battery is show the laptops the key link of portability.

laptop batteries is the battery inside the notebook, now use rechargeable batteries is relative in the advantage of the desktop computer, a laptop, it can greatly convenient laptop computers used in a variety of environments. Started to market the battery is nickel cadmium battery ( 镍镉) But the batteries & other; Memory effect & throughout; , before each charge must discharge, use rise is not very convenient, soon be nimh batteries ( NiMH) Replaced, instead of a NiMH & other; Memory effect & throughout; And at the same time can improve more one hundred percent of the total weight per unit power. Used laptop batteries are usually three kinds: 1. Nickel-chromium batteries, 2. Nickel metal hydride batteries, 3. Lithium batteries; They typically expressed as: nickel cadmium Ni - CDS, nickel metal hydride Ni - Li MH, lithium electricity.

the advantages of computer batteries

the first basic is to use Ni - laptops Cd nickel cadmium battery, considering that battery technology is not enough good, so the nickel cadmium battery with many of the most troubling flaws, such as: large volume, weight, small storage capacity, short service life, such as memory effect. So at this stage most nickel-cadmium batteries have been eliminated, no longer within a detailed introduction about it.

nimh batteries soon be lithium ion ( Li- ion) Replace the battery. Lithium electricity long before there was and began to it, it would be safer to use from time to time there will be in charge when burning, the burst of situation, perhaps this is because lithium is too active. After is the improved version of the lithium ion battery, joined the inhibit lithium active ingredients, thus make the lithium electricity to achieve the security, high efficiency, convenient and quick, and the old lithium electricity is subsequently eliminated. To distinguish between them is also very simple, will be able to identify from the battery logo, lithium electricity for Li, Li - by lithium-ion batteries ion。 Today, laptop using so-called lithium electricity, in fact is the lithium ion battery. Lithium ion battery energy storage density is big, may at any time charge and discharge duration long, generally in three hours. Size of the storage battery mark mAh (usually from the Mah) Numerical value to judge, such as three thousand mAh, four thousand mAh, the greater the number, the greater storage capacity of the battery.

computer batteries, charge number of hours used co. , LTD.

but lithium ion battery is flawed, and fewer such as high price and charge and discharge. Only four hundred - lithium battery pack charge and discharge times Six hundred times, through improved products but also more than eight hundred times. Calculated on the charging once a day, the best lithium batteries but also more than two years. And charging of nimh batteries can achieve seven hundred times or more, some good quality product to charge and discharge of up to one thousand two hundred times, such a comparison, nickel metal hydride batteries than lithium battery longevity, meanwhile the price of nickel metal hydride batteries are much lower than the lithium battery. At present, it is have not be nine beautiful laptop batteries.

laptop started using nickel metal hydride ( NlMH) Battery, the battery has a better cost-effective and relatively large power, at the same time & other; Nimh batteries is one of the most environmentally friendly batteries, attaches great importance to the environmental protection of the country attaches great importance to the use of nickel metal hydride batteries, this is because easy to recycle, and has little damage to the environment. But nimh batteries compared with lithium electricity, there are still some defects. Long charging time, total weight is heavier, storage capacity is smaller than the lithium electricity, battery discharge time is too short, also has the memory effect, the memory of it, though not as big as nickel cadmium battery, but still need to discharge, the customer must run out before charging.

how much is the computer battery

see you choose what brand of battery cell. The vast majority of a cell 40 yuan, some computer batteries batteries are 4 core, 40 yuan manual is about 160 yuan, 200 yuan. Some cells also need to brush the counter, deny or operating system. It is best not to change yourself, you will more troublesome, meanwhile has the possibility of damage, if send it directly to the vendor for replacement, although floriferous a few yuan, at the very least, a one month warranty.

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